5 Ways To Start Giving Your Kids More Freedom


Every parent wants to raise optimistic kids who look forward to every day, whether they’re going to school, seeing their grandparents, or taking a vacation. As your kids get older, they will expect more freedom, but this can be tricky for parents, especially those who spend all their days worrying about their children’s well-being. So, how can you give your kids more freedom as they grow older and become more independent? Here are five ideas to help. 

Trust Them 

You can’t give your kids more freedom without first trusting them. It’s challenging to trust them if you don’t let them do anything by themselves, so loosening the reins a little here and there gives them the chance to prove to you that you can trust them. Whether walking to school, picking up groceries, or playing with friends, you can let them do it. Since they will want more freedom, they will also be keen to show you how reliable they can be but you’ll never know unless you let them.

Ease Them In 

Of course, you cannot expect your kids to handle more mature issues and responsibilities immediately. Regardless of hoping they do more around the house or become more comfortable watching media with more mature themes like Revelation Road, the movies series, you must ease them in. Gently increasing the range of freedom prevents them from overdoing it or finding themselves in an overwhelming situation. Taking things a little at a time will save any disasters. 

Set Ground Rules and Boundaries 

There is a risk that if you give your kids an inch they may take a mile, so knowing what’s acceptable for your kids and setting clear boundaries and ground rules should prevent any problems. Your kids will want to make the most of their freedom, but it’s easy to become swept up in everything. As long as you highlight what they can and cannot do or where they can and cannot go, you shouldn’t need to worry as much. 

Speak to Their Friend’s Parents 

If you’re not sure what’s acceptable, you can speak to the parents of your child’s friends. This is a fantastic way for guardians to work out what’s best and ensure there are no contrasting demands or advice. Some parents may be more casual than others, but if you can organize everything together you can maintain consistency that gives all your kids enough freedom without taking advantage.

Don’t Overschedule Their Lives

Parents want their kids to succeed in everything they try, but this also brings the risk of too much order and scheduling. Your kids need time to unwind and relax, so try to limit the number of after-school clubs and other activities. Otherwise, your kids will feel like they never have a second to themselves, and this could cause them to rebel in other ways.


While it’s scary to let your kids free into the world, it’s also in their best interests. Giving your kids freedom as they grow up can help them learn more about the world and themselves. They will become more independent and have the tools to trust themselves just as much as you do. 


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