How to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Home

The home is such an important aspect tour loves. How the home looks and feels has a massive influence over our mental health. If you are unhappy with your home, you can feel stressed, depressed, and easily irritable, among other things. If you are happy what it, you will feel relaxed, uplifted, inspired even. That means we should all be taking a lot of care and consideration over our homes. To help you come up with a few ways to improve the look and feel of your home, here are some ideas:


Do More with Outside Spaces

When designed and managed efficiently, outdoor spaces can bring a whole new dimension to the home. Moreover, they are the first thing you see when returning to the property after a day of work. So, revamping the front garden and the building’s exterior will strengthen your love of the house. New siding, driveways, and mailboxes are all great options. Experts at Atlanta Palms can transform the front yard with a tree. Plants also improve the vibe in your backyard by injecting extra luxury and connecting you to nature. When combined with garden assets that make you spend more time outside, it will become a far happier space for all the family.


If you are serious about upgrading your home, then you need to start with the basics, get rid of all the clutter. Clutter can affect your life in many ways. It can overcrowd your home and make everything look untidy for a start. It will make the home harder to clean too, which could potentially lead to dustier and more contaminated air. The effects on your mental health are pretty bad too. It will make you feel stressed and anxious; it will affect how well you sleep, and it may even be holding you back by constantly reminding you of the past. Declutter and getting rid of everything that no longer has value in your life is a way of helping you move on, and this will defiant make the home feel like a much more positive place. 

Paint a Feature Wall

A feature wall can really liven up the place. Choose a wall that you paint a bright color and cover with artwork, or pictures, or quotes, or whatever makes you feel that buzz of inspiration. Or you could paint the entire wall with a wall mural. A picturesque image of the forest may make you feel as if you are there. Consider a feature wall in the garden, too – this may be especially good if you have a small garden that is blocked in by walls in the middle of the coyote. If a whole wall mural is a step too far for you, then why not paint a few stencils instead or even try some decals?

Investigate Themes

You could try investigating a theme for a house. There are a lot to choose from, and it can make quite a statement when people enter. You could go for a Hollywood Glam look with luxurious furnishing and statement pieces, or how about decorating your room with a beachy Boho look ?When it comes to themes, you are looking for something that just feels right for you. Following a trend like this is bound to uplift your home and yourself as a result. So, get investigating and remember that a home can be used to explore a facet of your personality.

Use Color to Your Advantage

If you want to make your home look and feel more luxurious, it is a good idea to paint in neutral tones. If you are concerned with having a small home, then use light colors which have the effect of making a space appear larger. Color is actually psychological. So it may be worth having a think about what effect or mood you want a room to have, then find a color that suits that. For example, a light blue can be calming, a light green relaxing, and red is productive and may be great for a home office. If you use the same color on the floor and skirting it merges the floor into the wall and also has the effect of making the space seem larger. 


Mirrors can make a home feel more luxurious too. Mirrors have a multilayer effect on a home. If your home is small, then mirrors can give the illusion that the space is larger than it is. This can make you feel less claustrophobic and stressed. Mirrors also reflect light and flow it around the room, improving the spirit of a room. This can brighten the place up and improve your mood. 

Upcycle and Reupholster

If you have a lot of old furniture that looks a little worse for wear, you have options. You can reupholster it. Try sanding things down and staining the wood a new color, or getting some beautiful fabric and transforming something. Another great thing to do is change these things into something new altogether. This is known as upcycling. Perhaps you can turn an old wardrobe into a table, or swap out the central panels in a cupboard door with something discovered at a charity shop. Get creative, and you never know what you might be able to make.


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