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How to Protect Your Home From The Weather

Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so you want to make sure that it remains in tip-top condition. You always want to see the value moving in the right direction, rather than dipping down. While most homeowners know that they need to do things like making periodic improvements and staying on top of general maintenance, another factor it’s worth keeping in mind is the possible adverse effects from the weather. With the effects of climate change being felt more than ever before, our homes are at additional risk from the elements. Below, we take a look at a few ways on how you can keep those threats at bay.


Check Those Policies

You can’t always ensure that your home is going to be safe from the weather. But you can protect how much damage it’s able to do by ensuring that you have insurance policies that cover the costs of weather damage. While it might seem like an obvious thing to cover, many policies don’t — and then the homeowners are left with the costs of repairing the damage. If they’re not able to afford all of the repairs, then the home will have major imperfections.

Vulnerable Spots

It’s unlikely that a storm is going to be strong enough to cause damage to your home entirely by itself, though of course, that does happen. It’s when the weather has the opportunity to cause damage that is the problem. A storm does not harass all areas of your home equally; it focuses its attention on specific areas, such as the roof. Because it’s not something that you pay attention to on a daily basis, the roof can have issues that you don’t know about, but which can cause significant damage once bad weather arrives. As such, it’s important to make roofing maintenance an integral part of your home maintenance schedule. You’ll want to pay particular attention to the roof before and after winter when heavy snow and freezing temperatures can create vulnerabilities.

Drafts and Windows

However, it’s not just the big matters that can affect your home. The quality and overall comfort of your property can be compromised by simple things, too, such as drafty spots and weak windows. These spots can let in wind and rain, which can present problems such as mold, and also just chilly temperatures, which are never pleasant.

What’s in the Yard?

It’s just the home itself that you need to keep your eye on. What’s happening outside your home has the potential to do damage, too, especially in the form of dead branches and garden furniture. Every now and again, you’ll want to survey the outside of the land and check that there are no dangerous, overhanging branches that, if they fall, could cause damage. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your garden furniture too — during heavy winds, all it’ll take is one heavy gust to launch a table into your home. Make sure everything’s inside before a storm hits!


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