6 Ideas To Give Your Home The Wow Factor

When you buy a new home, the chances are you will have a big long list of home improvements you want to do. Who wouldn’t want to put their own stamp on their place the moment they get those keys? Those things may range from big to little tasks, but they can all be important to you and what you feel will make your house a home.  It depends on the type of home you have just moved into, though, as some jobs are more relevant to older properties which can often be bigger and more expensive jobs to tackle. If it is brand new, you may find it’s just little changes that need to be made. Consider a remodeling service like 3 Day Remodeling LLC for your next big remodel project.

New Windows & Doors

If you have moved into an older house, then you may need to consider replacing the windows and doors. This doesn’t just add to the appearance and value of your home but could help with any heating bills you have. Double glazed windows keep the heat in making sure your home stays warm. But this can also help keep the energy bills down as you are less likely to be switching the heat up each day. They can also add real value to the property as they can look appealing from the outside as well as in. If you are thinking about getting this done, then the best advice would be to get a few different quotes to compare. Grey uPVC is really on trend at the moment and could really give the exterior of your home the wow factor.



Depending on the type of house you are living in chances are that the flooring will be to the previous owner’s taste. The carpets and flooring may not have been replaced for some time. Too often, carpets can fade after some wear and tear, and no matter how clean the previous owners might have been if the carpet is a lighter color you may start to see some discoloring at the skirting boards. Adding wooden flooring or new carpets to your home can make it feel more like your house and not someone else’s. Wooden flooring can be a great way to add a modern touch to the property. If you want flooring with a bit of pizazz, be sure to check out Mannington Commercial.


If it’s a new home you have or an older one it may require some painting and decorating. This allows you to make the house more to your taste. You could decide to stick with neutral colors in case you ever decide to move again. Or go for something a little more out there to match you and your family’s personalities. Decorating can be a great way to add a finishing touch to your home, and really personalize it to how you want it to be. If you like the idea of adding color to your home but lack that confidence to go crazy, then a great tip could be to add feature walls where you use a splash of color. This can instantly lift how a room looks and feels and could give you an instant wow factor.

An Extension

If your new home has space, it might be worth considering an extension. This could add some serious value to any resale price in the future not to mention giving it a whole new look. However, the main purpose and benefit of an extension are to provide you with more space than you need. Hanging the floor plan and the dynamic of your home and making it a more user-friendly space for your family. But extensions don’t just need to be downstairs, you can also go up and add an extra bedroom or two. You don’t have to go as drastic as building an extension. You could create more living space by just adding a conservatory or orangery which are growing in popularity these days and they can be a great room to relax in.

New Kitchen & Bathrooms

Again, this would depend on the house you have moved into. A new home will already have a new kitchen and bathroom. However, an older house will have something that would have been added a long time ago. A new kitchen and bathroom can add a lot of value to your home. But it can also make your home more appealing to you and your family. Saving up and enabling you to have a bigger budget for these two rooms means that you could add an instant wow factor into some of the most well-used rooms in the home. Kitchens can be really upmarket with built-in wine coolers and fabulous lighting, and a luxurious bathroom that has a real spa-like feel will always be appealing. Plus they happen to be two rooms that most guests frequent.

Finishing Touches

Finally, after all those home improvements you must consider the finishing touches. Adding some beautiful soft furnishings, ornaments and personal pieces can make a house a home. Things like pictures and candles can make a lot of difference to a house. Changing light fittings can also make a big difference to your house style. The fitted lights that were already in place may not have been to your taste.

I hope this little list provides you with some inspiration to make your home improvements and give your home the wow factor.


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