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Finding The Right Kitchen Flooring For Your Renovation

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Kitchen flooring is a major consideration for your renovation project since it is the most used room in a typical US home. So a good flooring solution must be durable. However, you need to consider the cost in your budget and even how much light you need. So, here are some ideas.

Consider the Style

There are countless styles when it comes to flooring for the kitchen. Colors, patterns, and textures are dependent on the materials you use. But which materials are the best for a kitchen? Perhaps you want chic marble or wood for a country kitchen, and what about terracotta vs clay? They all have their pros and cons, and the overall style is an important aspect too. 2023 kitchen trends include opening up the space for social, more use of wood, and stylish backsplashes.

Is There a Cost Limit?

Hopefully, you have made a budget for your kitchen renovation plan. If you don’t, you could end up spending far more than you have or intended to. Not all flooring options are made equal, some are relatively cheap such as composite wood, and some are mind-blowingly expensive, such as marble tiles. So make sure your chosen flooring option falls within your budget. Some trending cheaper options for 2023 include cork flooring, porcelain tiles, and sustainable bamboo.

Will Pets Use the Kitchen Flooring?

We all love our family pets, whether it;’s cats, dogs, or even snakes. Of course, snakes probably won’t do much damage to a kitchen floor, but you may slip and hurt yourself. However, cats and dogs definitely will damage the flooring. Your floor will be subjected to claws on floors, playing with toys, and, of course, poop if you let the pets in the room. If you don’t plan on this, then you can choose pretty much whatever. For cats and dogs, scratch-resistant vinyl is a good option.

Think About Natural Light

Natural light is a much-requested feature in new home builds and something people spend a lot of money renovating for. This is because natural light is good for us and provides many benefits to our health. Of course, it also makes any living space look very inviting. Yet colors and materials can play a key role in light. Some materials, like polished concrete, bounce sunlight around a room better than others, and some floors for kitchens are only available in one color.

Fitting It Yourself

You may want to fit the flooring yourself, maybe to save time or money. But some materials need an expert touch, and if they are expensive, they will only add to your final cost if you mess it up. For example, marble needs to be handled properly. But the good news is there are some flooring options that are easier to install than others. These include vinyl tiles, linoleum, and ceramic tiles. Even better, all of these aren’t too expensive and are widely available.


The style you want can dictate the kitchen flooring you end up settling on. Of course, you must consider if pets are going to use it, and you can save money with some easy DIY fittings.


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