How to Plan a Memorable Wedding on a Low Budget


Weddings are considered one of the most expensive life events. Some weddings end up costing more than college tuition fees. Planning a wedding can be quite challenging, especially if you are on a tight budget. According to CNBC, the average cost of a wedding is $33,900 as of 2019. This cost does not include the honeymoon expense.

Weddings are significant events that mark the union of two individuals. It is a celebration of love, and most individuals prefer to commemorate the day elegantly and splendidly. However, with improper planning, a wedding’s budget can be easily over exceeded.

Most times, it is easier to hire a planner to take care of the planning for you. Other brides may prefer to take on the task themselves to make it more tailor-specific.

You wouldn’t want to turn into a bridezilla on one of the most important days of your life.

Here are a few tips to help you get your dream wedding without sinking a boatload of money:

Decide on the Type of Wedding You Want

To avoid getting mixed up and losing focus, you need to decide in advance the kind of wedding that would be suitable for you. Do you prefer a modern hotel ballroom wedding or a one by the beach where your attendees get to have a view of the ocean?

Whichever the choice, you need to be certain of the wedding venue and theme. This will guide you in making purchases related to the big day.

If you need the inspiration to help you decide, you can flip through wedding magazines or TV shows. Pinterest is also a good place to start.

Set a Budget

You need to figure out how much money you can spend to get what you want on your day. It is important to have a budget talk with your family on who will be footing which bill. As is tradition, the groom’s parents may want to pay for the entire event.

You need to understand from both sides who will be catering for the costs. It may be that one family member would like to gift you the Lynchburg wedding photography, and someone else wishes to settle the bill for the venue. Whatever the case, it needs to be decided before bookings are made.

If you’re comfortable footing the entire bill, you need to balance out what you have versus what you want. You wouldn’t want to be still paying for your wedding by your sixth anniversary.

Scout for a One-Stop-Shop

Purchasing your wedding decor and paraphernalia from one shop can considerably save you money. Some vendors will provide you with a discount on your purchase if you buy in bulk.

Look for online shops such as Just Artifacts that have the wedding décor material. Shopping online can also save you money on delivery and installation.

Do Your Own Catering

Limiting the guest list to a minimum can save you on costs; however, finding a low-cost catering option can go well with your budget. According to the Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average cost per catered plate is $51.

You can make half this cost by having friends or family cater for you or a local family-owned restaurant.

Finally, to get the most out of your wedding, set up a perfect wedding registry. Your guests would want to show their appreciation for being invited to the most momentous day of your life. In your registry, be sure to include some of the items you have always wanted to add to your home.


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