How to Create a Good Environment for Self-Care


Self-care means different things to different people. For some, it might be a daily walk in the park. For others, it’s ensuring they get a good night’s sleep or a proper lunch break at work. Ultimately, self-care is any activity that you undertake to look after your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Only you will know what this is but, for many of us, it involves a bit of time and space to ourselves to relax and at least try and switch off from the pressures of family life. This might be something you find difficult, so here are a few ways that you can create a space that makes it as easy as possible for you to declutter the mind.

 Make it Cozy for You

 Whatever you find comforting is a good choice here. It might mean that it’s somewhere you have a favorite cushion or blanket, you might want a space that’s huge and you’ve installed gas logs to make it even cozier. It might just be somewhere the kids don’t leave their toys on a daily basis. However you want to arrange your space, have something in it that feels warm and inviting and will make spending time there a pleasure for you.

 Use Sound

 If there is often noise, chaos and distraction surrounding you, then finding a moment’s peace is going to be challenging. Silence might not be something that is achievable in your home so, if that’s the case, use headphones to create your own sense of inner peace. You don’t have to listen to music (and it might actually be counterproductive to listen to podcasts or anything else with lyrics) but try ambient sounds or music that means you can just relax and focus on your internal rhythm and breathing without external distraction.


 Sound might be something you need to create your own inner world for reflections, but screens are not. If you find yourself constantly twitching towards your phone when you’re trying to have some time to yourself to relax, it could be a sign that you’re addicted to your phone. Everyone needs time to switch off and feel unencumbered by the constant stresses and distractions offered by a phone screen. If you are having trouble managing without your phone, then start slowly. Begin by scheduling in fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time for contemplating every day – minus your cell phone. Aim to increase this to 60 minutes over the course of a month. You’ll soon find it easier to step away from your device and focus on yourself.

 Move Work Away

 If you work from home, it can be difficult to find somewhere to switch off. It often feels like work is following you around the house and you are always rushing back to your desk to check emails or do a last job. If you can’t shut your work away in a separate room, then look for a bureau or other desk system which allows you to shut the door on your work when you’re trying to switch off. 


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