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Why Is My Home Makeover A Failure?

Your home decor is what transforms a house into your home. It gives your surroundings the personality they need. In behavioral terms, decorating is somehow the easiest way people have found to mark their territory. That’s precisely why a teenager bedroom will differ so much from the rest of the house, as it’s an essential tool for adolescents to find out who they are and who they want to become. It’s their space, where parents are not welcome, and where they can feel truly at home. It’s a universal behavioral response: We simply leave our mark around us to define where we belong – as opposed to what belongs to us, as you can expect that it’s not the primary issue under your own roof. But life is a constantly evolving and growing element. Something that you used to find appealing and sweet years ago might have fallen out of favor with time. Or maybe you’ve changed your perspectives and expectations about life and, as a result,  you don’t feel at home anymore in your old decor. So you needed a makeover, you needed to make it yours again. However, despite your best efforts, you find yourself wondering if your decor transformations are working. It doesn’t quite feel right; even though, you were sure it was the perfect idea for your home. Why can home makeovers turn into a disaster? It’s the question we’re answering here. So pour yourself a nice cuppa, sit down, and enjoy the read: You may find the answer to many of your decor problems.

Is a red kitchen the right thing for you?

#1. You forgot to share your ideas

It’s not uncommon for parents to want to surprise their kids with a new bedroom decor. When they are young, it’s easy to find out the best decor for them; you just need to pick their favorite characters and use it as a theme. But when your daughter or son is a teenager, you need to sit down together and discuss the perfect bedroom makeover. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake parents make is not to respect the taste and privacy of an adolescent. By choosing the decor without consulting them, you deprive them of the personal space their crave and remove the only room that they could call theirs. You can’t change such an intimate decor without discussing ideas with them first.

You’ll be surprised to know that similar mistakes continue to occur between adults too. In fact, most couples argue about home decoration, even if they try to share their ideas openly. Ultimately, as it can be difficult to come to a compromise, it’s often a case of which spouse has the last word and winds the argument, therefore the right to decorate as they please. Unfortunately, as you share your decor values, you also need to listen to your family’s input. It’s a home for everyone, and consequently, you need to make it work for everyone. One word for you: COMPROMISE.

#2. You redecorated but didn’t clean

Your change of decor can’t work if you haven’t given the home an in-depth cleaning first. There’s no point creating a colorful accent wall if the windows are still greasy, for instance. It will only showcase your dirty panes. You could share tasks, using service providers such as LaborPanes to take care of the windows while you look after the decor for instance. But ultimately the bottom line is: Nobody needs a change of decor in a cluttered, dusty and messy place.

Clean your windows

#3. It’s cute but impractical

Have you ever thought of how practical your home interior is? Your decor is not only designed to mark your space but also to make the best use of it. In other words, if it isn’t practical, it’s not going to work for you. For instance, interior designers, have listed the most common impractical trends they see in a home makeover. First of all, the kitchen island is not only expensive, but it is also space consuming, which makes it a poor choice for most kitchens. Besides, it could easily be replaced by a table, for a tenth of the cost and to fulfill the same functions. Another costly mistake is to pick tiny tiles for your bathroom makeover. They may look cute, but you’ll spend hours cleaning the grouting area!

#4. Your DIY skills were below expectations

So, you had a plan, and you knew how it should look like. But the end result is somewhat different from your expectations. Unfortunately, the main issue with DIY projects is when people who haven’t yet honed their skills attempt to do something that is far too complex. Home improvement fails are all too common, and while they are fun online, it’s not something you want at home. In short, stay away from DIY projects that require skills you haven’t yet mastered. Similarly, if you’re not cautious when repainting your walls, you may end up with a stained carpet or a case of color bleeding through. More often than not, DIY mistakes are caused by a lack of preparation, so plan carefully first. Make sure you have the right tools for the job, and that you’ve taken all the necessary measurements.

#5. You didn’t make it personal

You’ve found a cute picture of a living room in a home decor magazine, and you’ve decided that you should transform your room to match. Sometimes, even if the result looks brilliant, it still doesn’t feel right. It’s a case of not decorating to reflect your personality. When you copy a decor, you forget to add a personal touch to make it work for your lifestyle. A good idea is to find out what you like about specific decor trends, such as the farmhouse style. You should have an eclectic list of the appealing properties of each decor trend, whether you enjoy the sense of space in a modern style or the comfort oozing from a traditional design. Your personal style is where these properties meet. Failing to do so means that you will find it difficult to feel at home truly.


Does the bedroom lack personality?

Don’t beat yourself up because your home makeover didn’t work. Knowing what went wrong means that you can make sure everything runs smoothly next time!

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