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4 Ways To Give Your Daughter A Unique Bedroom Makeover

Anyone who has a daughter knows how difficult it is to get their bedroom just so as they grow up. As babies, it’s really easy: splash a lot of pink and a few decals of flowers on the walls and you have a beautifully feminine space without much effort. That changes as they do. The one thing that you really need to be able to do as a parent is create a bedroom haven that they can retreat to and feel safe within, without breaking the bank. The best thing that you can do when it comes to changing the room from the bright pink room they had as a baby into something new, is to sit down with your daughter and ask her what she wants. It’s beyond a place for her to sleep and get rested up for each day. It’s also a place she can retreat to and relax.

Your daughter has to have a say in her own bedroom; after all, she will be the one spending the most time in there, not you. You, however, are the one with the wallet, and so there may be some bedroom décor ideas that she has that really won’t be possible. Start with a floorplan and go from there. Discuss colors and themes that she has in mind and discuss ways that you can make her room different from the ones that her friends have. It’s an important thing, for a teenage girl. Standing out matters, as does image. So, we’ve got four ways you can make her room unique compared to all of her friends.

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Reading Nook. Your daughter may not be much of a reader, but that could be because she doesn’t have a place to retreat to. Check out these ideas for building in the perfect window seat and shelving so that you can make a reading nook fit for a book reading Queen.

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Ensuite Excitement. If you have the budget and space, why not build in her own ensuite bathroom? It’s the ultimate privilege for a teenage girl; to have a bathroom all to herself. Decorate it with customized mirrors from Artware and a power shower with a steam setting. Your daughter will be the envy of her friends if she doesn’t have to share a bathroom with her siblings.

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Study Space. A bedroom for a teenager should be a place to relax, a place to sleep and a place to study. Creating a homework center in the bedroom should be a priority, as her schoolwork will come first. Grades matter and if she has a private space to study, she will get the grades she wants. Check out these homework center ideas for inspiration.

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Expressions. Teenagers often have a lot of pent-up emotion that they need to get out. Why not have a space on the wall with chalkboard paint added and allow her to let loose with her own erasable art?

Creating a space perfect for your daughter will require teamwork, so get your heads together and start working!


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