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Health And Fitness Focus For The New Year? How Not To Fail At The First Hurdle

Now that we are in the full swing of December and Christmas many thoughts can move towards the new year. What we might want to achieve, what resolutions we want to set and what plans we want to make. It may be cliche, but so many people have a strong focus on getting fit and healthy in January. Wanting to work off the holiday weight, feel good on possibly one of the hardest months of the year t work through. It makes total sense, but, the downside is that there is also a lot of pressure and this can cause people to give up right before they have even started. So if this sounds like you then I want you to know that you can get over that first hurdle and you can succeed. Here are some of the ways not to fail at the biggest resolution of the year.


Set realistic targets

We can all be a little guilty of giving ourselves mammoth targets, but when we find that we just can’t achieve them as quickly as we would like we give up. However, there is a trick and if you were to set yourself your main goal, and then targets to get there that are more bite-sized chunks then you have a better chance of smashing it. Reaching targets keeps you motivated and also helps you to track progress better.

All the gear, just no idea

Are you one of those people that needs all the gear to get anywhere? Sometimes you just need to have some of the right gear, but most importantly things like decent trainers for the type of exercise you want to take on to ensure that you don’t end up injured, which can be another reason to stop before you have even begun.

Find ways to keep yourself motivated

It can be hard to stay motivated and keep going, so try and find ways to encourage you to keep on exercising and being active. Many people like the idea of using music, so investing in a decent pair of headphones could be a great idea. Places like Headphones Addict are a great source of information when it comes to investing your money in the right thing. You could also choose to join a gym, maybe make some new friends in regular classes or enable yourself to have days off or treats to ensure you still enjoy things.

Get other people and the family on board

We all know that having people along for the ride can make things easier, so why not enlist the help of friends and family. Not just in the exercise and fitness side of things but also when it comes to eating a healthy diet. All the family eating the same things, rather than feeling tempted because someone else appears to be having a meal that you would rather be eating.

Don’t overface yourself too quickly

Finally, don’t over face yourself too quickly. It’s best to build up gradual progress than to try and do too much in week one. The sheer pressure and way it will make you feel are enough to put you off doing anymore.

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