Getting More Vegetables Into Your Family’s Diet

There is no doubt that eating plenty of vegetables is a really important and useful thing to do for everyone, regardless of age. If you are keen to make sure that your family is as healthy as possible, this is definitely one of the main things that you will want to focus on in particular. Of course, it can famously be quite hard to get kids to eat vegetables, but nonetheless there are some good ways to achieve this if you know how to approach it. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to get more vegetables into your family’s diet. Let’s take a look right now.


Change Up Old Classics

There are a lot of old classic dishes that you can try to change up to incorporate more vegetables, and this is definitely the kind of thing that you might want to try for yourself. The truth is that these changes will often make for much better results than many of the traditional meals, so it really is worth doing if you want to make sure you are providing delicious food that is also very healthy.

A good example of this would be changing up a meaty casserole, so that you instead make a sweet potato casserole, or really with any other vegetables that you might care to incorporate into the dish. Or you might decide to go for a meat-free lasagna, or a meaty one but with lots of extra veg too. However you do it, these kinds of changes are a great way to get more veg into your family’s bellies.

Make Plenty Of Soups

Another way to do this is to make plenty of veggie-based soups. These are incredibly easy to make, and easy to make delicious, and they are also generally the kind of thing that you can be creative with and do whatever you like with, so that is another good reason to go down this route. If you know that there are certain vegetables that you should be eating more of with your family, then you can simply blitz some of those up and turn them into a soup. Even just doing this once or twice a week is going to make a difference to how many vegetables you and your family are eating, so it’s well worth making a point of doing this.


Incorporate Veg Into Treats

Of course, if you are wondering how you can convince your family to eat more veg, one way is to simply incorporate the vegetables you want them to eat into some delicious treats. Once you start experimenting with this, there are a lot of ways to do this, and you will find that you come up with your own unique foods which your family love to eat, even if they don’t always realize that they are full of vegetables. This can be especially useful when you have small kids who don’t want to eat their veg.

Make Some Smoothies

You can also make vegetable smoothies, and these are actually becoming very popular right now. Again, this is a simple case of finding some vegetables that you want your family to eat more of, and then blitzing them up into smoothies. You can also add in plenty of fruit to help with the taste, and to make them even healthier – and you can use natural sweetening products like honey if you need to as well. However you do it, these kinds of smoothies will generally be well appreciated, and you’ll find that your family is happy to eat them.


Get Creative With Presentation

If you want to encourage your family to eat more veg, one useful way to do that is simply to get a little creative with regard to how you present the food. If you do that, you are going to find that your kids are much more likely to actually eat the vegetables that you are offering up. This is a very simple and highly effective way to ensure that your family eats a lot more vegetables, so it’s definitely something to think about. If you can do that, it will make a huge difference.


If you are able to do some of those things you will find that your family is a lot healthier in no time at all. This is of course fantastic in its own right, but it’s also going to mean you all feel better as a family as well.


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