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Fun Decor Ideas To Perk Up Your Space!

If you’re a little bored of your décor, it could be time to have a little fun with your space. When you create a space that you absolutely love to spend time in, you’ll have a better sense of wellbeing. You might even find that you’re more productive at home and that you’re able to spend more quality time with your family. Décor can have a huge impact on how you think and feel, from the colors you use to the patterns that you incorporate!

Let’s go through some fun décor ideas that you could potentially use to make your space a great place to be:

Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can be the perfect way to show off artwork that you love in a fun way. Take a look at Pinterest and get an idea of different ways you can put together your gallery wall; you can go for something more uniformed, or something a little eclectic depending on your style. Incorporating more artwork and pictures into your space will add interest and instantly perk up the space.


Find Exciting Ways To Use Color

Bring some color into your home, and find exciting ways to do it. You could add just a pop of color using things like rugs and cushions, or you could really have some fun and include some tropical fish! Places like Mr. Aqua USA offer many different options, but make sure you read up on it first so that you can take care of your new addition properly. You need to take a little more care with things like this and make sure you’re prepared for the monetary commitment. If you’re wanting to take a more unique approach, you should purchase some Neon Signs UK (or in your location), these are great for a statement piece in the room and give off fantastic lighting.

Use Patterns

Bringing patterns into your living space can work too, and there are even great ways you can mix and match patterns to suit your tastes. If you want to make sure you get it right first time, try the following technique:

  • Choose three patterns that you really like
  • Include your favorite pattern around 60% in the room décor
  • Include your second favorite pattern 30% in the décor
  • Include the last pattern 10%

Including patterns in different amounts will stop things from looking too mismatched and give it the perfect eclectic vibe.

Use Vintage And Refurbished/Repurposed Items

Try looking for vintage items at fairs and markets so that nobody you know has the same thing. You could also look for refurbished items or repurposed items to give an unexpected twist to your décor. How about a vintage chair reupholstered with a funky fabric? You could even do this yourself if you’re brave enough and you want to try something new!

Include Big, Leafy Green Plants

Big leafy green plants have a ton of benefits. They bring more texture and interest to a room and help you to bring the outdoors in. They also clear the air, and make us happier when we look at them!

Show Off Your Souvenirs

Show off souvenirs from your favorite places – you could have a shelf showing them off near a feature wall, for instance, or find other fun ways to display them.


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