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Fixing Your Self-Esteem as a Busy Parent

Parenting can often take over our lives. Whether it’s constantly looking after our baby or having our entire day revolve around our child’s school schedule, it’s a difficult time for parents and it can really eat away at your self-esteem.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to maintain healthy levels of self-esteem without doing too much to go out of your way. Of course, while small changes are fantastic for helping out, large changes can also have a drastic effect on your confidence and really boost your motivation.

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Stop Blaming Yourself

Many parents blame themselves for things whenever their children are involved. Is your child being bullied? You might blame yourself for not protecting your child. Has your child fallen ill? You might blame yourself for not taking better care of them. Every parent has an undying love for their child, but it’s important to remember that you should never blame yourself for anything or talk yourself down. Negative self-talk causes a lot of psychological damage and it’s important to stop it as soon as possible. Think positive thoughts and motivate yourself to approach life with a can-do attitude.

Keep Your Appearances Up

As a parent, you’ll have less time to focus on the things you love and in many cases, that could mean your appearance. It’s important to invest time into doing things like your makeup and dressing so that you feel great and confident. You could even consider cosmetic upgrades to help reward yourself for your hard work. Looking and feeling great will always be a huge factor in boosting your confidence, and having children to take care of can sometimes eat away at that enjoyment. You could even learn about breast augmentation if you feel like it will help you regain some confidence in your body image and make you feel more comfortable. There are many different cosmetic procedures and lifestyle changes that can help you keep appearances up–you just need to do a little research and think about what you consider to be important.

Stop Comparing Yourself

When you look at other families or neighbors and see that the mother looks wonderful, the child looks happy and the father is smiling, you might end up comparing yourself and think that the grass is greener on the other side. However, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and you’re not comparing yourself to them, you’re comparing yourself to your ideal image of them. This can be psychologically damaging because you’re not focusing on your self-image, but the image of a perfect relationship and family which is impossible to obtain. Focus on your own strengths and positives instead of constantly comparing yourself to others.


Parents all over the world will feel less confident in themselves because much of their time will be spent on their children instead of themselves. You can overcome this stigma by focusing a bit more time on yourself and doing things to help boost your confidence.

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