Five Things You Can Do To Stop Pests In Your Yard Now

We are all aware of the various critters and creatures that make their home in your house. However, did you know that the vast majority of them come in from your garden? If your garden offers a safe haven for pests, it’s like practically rolling out the welcome mat for them. So, aside from looking at how to get them out of your home, here are five ways you can stop them from coming into the garden, as well.


Grow plants that send them scarpering

While there are plenty of plants that can attract pests, especially those that look like a good meal for creepy-crawlies, there are also those that do the opposite. Some pest-preventing plants can include things like rosemary, basil, and lavender. A lot of pests do not like especially pungent plants. If you have a particular pest problem, research the plant that works against them specifically.

Attract some predators

As mentioned, plants can attract insects, but not all insects are going to do your garden or home harm. In fact, some of them can be downright beneficial. Learn how to attract predators to your garden and they will feed on the pests that might later pose a problem if left unchecked. For instance, you can attract ladybugs that eat things like aphids by growing things like fennel and dill, or even by building a ladybug house in the garden.

Physically stop them

Never underestimate the power of a good barrier. When it comes to the fencing around the yard or around your landscaped crops, insect mesh can do you a lot of good. For mammals and similar pests, make sure there are no air gaps on the outside of the home to prevent them from coming indoors, too.

Keep it tidy

Larger pests will take any hiding places they can find and, if you don’t take care to maintain your garden, you are giving them the perfect space. This can include overlong grass and bushes, but overgrown trees pose the greatest problem and should be taken care of with the help of a qualified tree surgeon if not tree removal. Not only do they offer pests a lot of room but if the branches reach your roof, it gives them a road to your home, too.

Don’t leave standing water

Standing water is a major health hazard for both your family and your home. First of all, standing water attracts bacteria and parasites like no-one’s business. If a child or a pet thinks to drink from it, they can get seriously ill. What’s more, pests like mosquitoes love to plant their eggs in standing water. For that reason, take care to eliminate it, never leave water alone in an open container, and ensure water features get the maintenance and care they deserve.


It’s easy to let a garden become overgrown and to fall into enough disrepair that it becomes prime real estate for pests. Make sure that you put together a routine garden maintenance schedule to ensure you’re able to keep on top of things bit by bit.


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