4 Critters And Creatures That Can Make Your House Their Home

The world is full of fascinating creatures, ones that can adapt to different environments, but what happens when they get inside your home.

It’s normal for us to think of our cities and built-up areas as ‘civilization.’ A place where for thousands of years human beings have lived, loved, earned their crust, and died. Civilization is a place where we know we can be comfortable, and safe.

But we share this civilization with a diversity of other creatures too. As it happens, towns and cities are the perfect environments for many critters seeking abundant food sources and safety from natural predators. Think of the pigeons in the town square flapping after discarded food, or the foxes that slink out from behind bins only to disappear across the street into another garden. After dark, when the humans have stopped bellowing about, all kinds of animals alight and begin their livelihoods.

This might seem like an ideal situation, when we sleep, they go to work. Unfortunately, it’s not as neat as all that, and sometimes we get in each other’s way. The comforts that bring some animals to the city are the same comforts that bring them into your home, burrowing, biting, or chewing.    

Here is a shortlist of some creatures you might find in your home, and what you can do about them: 



Not all ants are bad for your home but some, such as Carpenter ants, harvester ants, and pavements ants, can do significant damage if left untreated. Some of them will burrow into the wood to build a home for their colony, while others can give a nasty sting. Ants are usually exterminated by professional services such as Legacy Pest Control. 



There are four types of cockroaches that are considered pests due to their living standards and reproduction rates. The American, the German, the Oriental, and the Brown-banded Cockroach, are all common. Cockroaches are between half an inch and two inches in length. Their surface is oily to touch. They have padded feet and can walk on walls and ceilings; some species even have wings. These critters must also be exterminated, but they’re hard to catch.    



At first, you might not consider a squirrel a local pest. They are small furry mammals with bushy tails, known for their cuteness and timidity. But if a family of them decides your attic or basement makes a comfortable home it could cost you a lot of revenue repairing chewed up wires and stripped wood. Squirrels can be humanely trapped and set free in the wild. 



If you suspect a bat colony has moved into your home or office, it’s essential to contact a professional service immediately to have them removed. It might be exciting at first, but bats can pose a high risk to you and your family; they can carry many diseases fatal to humans, and bites can often go unnoticed. As a protected species they must be humanely removed and their roosting area professionally treated.  


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