Five Dermatologist Approved Skin Care Tips to Ease Your Skin Care Journey


Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and reflects your age and health. Therefore, it is almost impossible not to detect signs of aging and deteriorating health from your skin alone. However, aging is what the world does not want to embrace; therefore, most modern adults try different methods to appear younger.

There is no crime in waking up to flawless skin. However, with environmental pollution and chemicals in our foods, supple skin takes a lot more work. Therefore, cleansing your skin both during the night and day is mandatory. Moreover, if you are starting, here are some tips from professionals to aid your journey:

Hydrate Both the Inside and Outside

Dehydration is the enemy of agile skin and anti-aging routines. Despite incorporating all cleansing and moisturizing routines, drinking less water and alcohol will surely catch you. Ultimately if you had to choose, you could better drink enough water a day than using the most prestigious moisturizing creams.

Moreover, without water to nourish your skin, you are prone to less radiance and sagging. There are various products to select for your skincare routine. Often, dermatologists recommend products with natural active ingredients. You can source yours from reputable stores like

Moisturize Both Day and Night

Most people fail to realize that nighttime is the most suitable for products to act on your skin extensively. While asleep, they can seep into the skin without the constant disturbance of masks or movement of the day. For example, applying an anti-aging serum just before you sleep has more impact than during the day.

Nonetheless, moisturize religiously during the day and at night immediately after you get out of the shower. This practice will lock in the moisture for smooth and flexible skin. Additionally, sleep on your back to prevent premature wrinkling from the strain on the skin.

Do Not Use Many Products

With the many advertisements on the internet, there is a temptation to buy as many products as possible. However, layering oils and serums can lead to more breakouts and clog the skin. In reality, quality is indeed better than quantity.

Use the Correct Cleanser for Your Skin Type

The right cleanser is the thin line between a successful skincare routine and causing more harm to the skin. This universal truth will save you the hustle of fighting acne and dry skin- for example, salicylic acid and foaming cleansers are better suited for oily acne-prone skin. On the other hand, dry skin benefits significantly from moisturizing cleansers with lactic or glycolic acid.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

Regardless of your skin tone, sun exposure damages the skin. So if you have to stay in the sun, make it a habit to use sunscreen every day. Sometimes, the UV rays penetrate the atmosphere, even on a cloudy day. There are brands of no-white-cast sunscreen for darker skin tones.

Final Thoughts

Your skin is an absolute window to your body condition- it also protects you from external harm. Therefore, for better skin, you will need to make informed decisions to get the desired results. If your skin has undergone excessive damage over the years, it is never too late to rejuvenate and restore any blemishes and spots.


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