It’s Written All Over Your Face! Looking After Your Skin Simply


Our skin is not just the signifier of stress or old age, but our skin works really hard to keep us healthy. So, at the very least, we can spend a bit of time to look after it, right? Skincare is not a very complicated thing, and in fact, there are a few simple approaches to ensure that you are looking after your skin, not just so everything is working healthily, but so you can see the benefits on your face too. What are these?

The Essential Nutrients

Because there are numerous vitamins out there that we should take to benefit our body, we have to remember the importance of specific minerals and vitamins on our skin. If you want to help rebuild your skin’s elasticity you need foods that contain collagen. And now, while there are processes like Thermage to rebuild collagen in your skin, eating foods rich in collagen can go a long way to help you you maintain that essential elasticity.

Minimize The Practices That Age You

We all want to look younger, but we have to remember that as we get older our skin can be the end result of the various stresses we put into and around our bodies. This means minimizing things like alcohol and sugar. Sugar is something that we don’t necessarily think about as a detrimental substance, but we have to remember that this can deplete our body of essential vitamins. When we start to look at the things that can stress us out, in an emotional sense, this is when we start to make more sense of minimizing stressful practices. Get your beauty sleep but also think about the things that are linked to early aging of your skin, like smoking. Smoking reduces blood flow so therefore you don’t get as many nutrients and as much oxygen.

Think About Your Daily Health Practices

Do you do enough to protect your skin? It could be about getting adequate Vitamin D, which involves going out in the sun, but also ensuring you’re not out in the sun too much. The health practices such as moisturizing will help keep your issues at bay, but also think about what you can do to increase blood flow. Bringing those nutrients to the surface is what will give your skin that natural glow. It’s an old wives’ tale, but many models swear by putting their face in ice-cold water. This can give your skin (and hair) a natural shine but it’s that shock to the system your body needs to start producing extra white blood cells which also helps to reduce illness.


Looking after your skin is common sense, but when we are are are trying our best to look younger, we might be giving our skin too many things that actually don’t work for it. There are so many products out there that will tell you that they reduce wrinkles, when we may just have to get back to the basics of looking after our lives. Look after your health, and your skin will reap the benefits.


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