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Why Your Family Could Benefit From a Vegan Christmas Dinner This Year

There’s a lot to consider over Christmas.

There’s the inevitable expense of time, effort, and money that comes with dashing around amongst the teeming masses of the high street for gifts for your friends, family and loved ones. There’s the exhaustive Christmas card list and the sheer mathematics of compensating for the seasonal lag of the post. There’s the quandary of whether you’re spoiling your kids a little too much by capitulating to their increasingly ambitious lists of Christmas presents (oh, but they have been good this year!).

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There’s even the consideration of home security and whether the inviting tree that’s beset on all sides with stacks of gifts in every color of the rainbow is a little too inviting for potential burglars. If, however, you’re worried about security, you should check out to find the right security system for your home. Another consideration is Christmas dinner. For many of us, the preparation of Christmas dinner means a stressful and demanding slog to create a delicious roast for the family. It also means feeling bloated, over indulged and guilty… And if the thought of this worries you at all, maybe it’s time to consider a vegan Christmas dinner. If you’re already tempted to join the veganuary bandwagon, a vegan Christmas dinner is the perfect way to make an early start with numerous benefits for you and your family.

Because it’s ethical

Despite the protestations of omnivores, the meat industry is built on the suffering of animals. Moreover, many cheaper meats are sourced from intensive farms where the animals endure extremely poor living conditions. Dairy cows are separated from their calves before they’re ready which is extremely distressing for them. Even free range eggs are ethically dubious since the egg industry euthanizes all male chicks at birth by gassing them en-masse.

Because it’s healthy and guilt free

Why should we accept weight gain and being taken back a step from our gym goals as an inevitability of the season? A vegan Christmas dinner is every bit as satisfying and delicious as its omnivorous counterpart without the fattening aftermath. Indeed a vegan diet is proven to be the best diet for weight loss. So you can enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner without the guilt that comes with knowing that animals have had to suffer for your dinner or that it will go straight to your hips.

Because it’s good for the environment

Few people are aware that even poultry farming has a significant impact on the environment. While cattle farming is the main offender in terms of environmental damage. Turkeys produce 87 lbs of waste matter per day and the ammonia from their waste is damaging to local soil, air, and water. Plant crops require less space and water and have a far less detrimental effect on the environment as well as being higher yield and more sustainable. If the entire world were to switch to an exclusively plant-based diet ending world hunger could be a realistic possibility.

Because it’s easier than ever

The huge surge in veganism has led food manufacturers to create meat alternatives that make it easier than ever for even seasoned carnivores to switch to plant-based alternatives. Swap the turkey for a tofu or nut roast this year and you could do a whole world of good for yourself and your family.

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  1. Kristen
    December 14, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    We are not vegans, but we do try to incorporate as many vegan or vegetarian meals into our diet as we can.

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