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Facing Up To The Body Parts The Camera Loves To Hate

We all build ideas of our appearance. For the most part, they’re positive. They’re built off of the self-love we try to give ourselves in front of the mirror. They’re created by the outfits we think suit us, and the poses we pull when looking at ourselves.

The sad fact is, how we look when we’re scrutinizing our bodies is often a far cry from how we appear to the rest of the world. As such, seeing yourself captured on camera can often be an unpleasant surprise. And, if you see one unfortunate snap, it’s easy to start fixating on insecurities you never even thought about.

We’ve all been there. That picture could lead to lifelong fixations which damage self-confidence. And, while the nature of these insecurities varies, some common offenders make themselves known time and again. In truth, these are often issues no one else notices. As if that weren’t enough, they’re usually things with easy fixes. So, stop fixating on that horrible photograph of your teen self. It’s past time you made a change. And, to help you do it, we’re going to look at simple solutions to the most common photo-based insecurities.

Our teeth

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Given most of us smile in photographs, teeth are a leading culprit here. When you smile in the mirror, you do so in a controlled way. It may be, for instance, that you keep your mouth closed to hide irregular bottom teeth. But, when you’re genuinely caught laughing, things will look pretty different. And, that alone can lead to lifelong worries. It could even lead to adopting that joyless tight-lipped smile wherever you go. For obvious reasons, that’s no way to ongoing happiness. Lucky for you, this is one of those insecurities that you can fix easily. All you need to do is book in with a professional. If you have missing or wonky teeth, book in with a dentist ASAP. They can remove teeth and install braces for straightening. They can even cover gaps with caps or dental implants. If staining is your issue, contact a hygienist instead. A simple clean could be all it takes to see you smiling again. While you’re there, you could even get a polish to ensure your teeth rival Tom Cruise. And, of course, an ongoing dental routine can ensure things don’t slip back into disrepair. When you consider how easy this is, it’s a wonder you’ve suffered this long, isn’t it?

Our noses

Most of us know nose insecurity all too well. And, it often starts from a side-on picture which captures an unfortunate kink. From then, we dream of nose jobs and do what we can to only ever look at people face-on. It’s a problem. But, it’s one which has obvious enough roots. Our noses are the most prominent things on our faces. So, it should come as no surprise that they give us cause for concern. A nose job is the most apparent solution to this problem. And, it’s a path many choose to go down each year. But, it might not be right for you. Invasive surgery is expensive. There’s also a risk that it won’t do anything to combat your insecurity. So, it may be better to look for more straightforward answers. For one, spending time looking at other people’s noses could be a cure for this. Most have kinks in them. Some people even have wonky ones. Is there any such thing as a naturally perfect nose? We don’t think so. And, given that you’ve never noticed this on other people, you can rest easy they haven’t noticed it on you. If even that doesn’t get you past this, there are simple ways to detract attention. Contact lenses instead of glasses can keep the eyes away. Even something like bright lipstick could be enough to draw focus elsewhere. So, try these methods before you go down the route of no return.

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Our chins

For the most part, we don’t have any real concept of how our chins look to others. If we’re looking in the mirror, we can only do so front-on. So, it should come as no surprise that snaps also bring unpleasant chin-based surprises. Primarily, these are of the double variety. In truth, few people have a smooth area under their chins. Instead, it’s natural to have a slight dip here. But, it’s not something worth worrying about. So, if that ‘double chin’ is stressing you out, it’s time to take action. The first thing to note is that there is no point doing so-called ‘double chin exercises.’ These are the largest load of rubbish since bin day. Instead, look for actionable solutions. Something as simple as wearing low-cut tops over polo necks could work wonders here. If even that isn’t enough, why not consider Kybella injections? These are the only approved non-surgical way to get rid of a double chin. As such, they could provide the least invasive options for tackling your worries here. They’ll certainly allow you to stop stretching your neck out in that uncomfortable way….

Our tummies

We had to end here, didn’t we? Tummies, glorious tummies. We love to hate these babies. Sadly, we often also under or overestimate how they look. The fact is, we can only look down, or inspect them in a mirror. And, again, we gather inaccurate evidence this way. So, one snap of your tummy in its natural glory could send fear straight to your heart. But, instead of booking in for lipo, consider that getting on top here is as simple as exercising. Some would argue that’s better than going to the dentist. Given excess skin and wobbly bits are often the issue, focus your search on tummy toning exercises. Note, too, that something as simple as improving posture could work a miracle here. After all, you’re sure to look larger if someone snapped you all hunched over. Instead, focus on sitting up straight from now on and see how much of a difference it makes.


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