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The Emotional Stages Of Goodbyes

Everybody remembers the famous war kiss image of an American sailor embracing a nurse in Times Square. As surprising as it might seem, if you search for images of Goodbye, the black and white photo pops among the search results even though it was never meant to be a departure moment. Instead, it was a celebratory kiss between two strangers at the end of the war. Nevertheless, the other images you’ll find around are very much heartbreaking stories of goodbyes, with couples embracing a last time before he goes to the war. And that might get you thinking about the many stages of saying goodbye, and the many kinds of goodbyes we have to go through in our lives. Even though everything in life is doomed to have a beginning and an end, people have still yet to master the art of letting go of the past.

The Kiss in Time Square

The hardest of all goodbyes

The passing of a relative or a close friend is the kind of tragedy that everybody has to go through. But it doesn’t get easier with time. But it helps if you find people you can rely on for every administrative and organizational step of the way, such as Roberts Funeral home whose team is dedicated to guiding you through the necessary stages. Guidance is precisely what you need in those moments, guidance for the heart and guidance for those left behind who need to pick back the pieces and continue. Grief is a painful, yet necessary experience. It doesn’t make you stronger, but it teaches you to appreciate every single moment as it lasts. Another good idea would be to look into Minnesota death records to keep in your own personal files.

The frustrated goodbye

Being stuck in a job that doesn’t satisfy you is, unfortunately enough, a common position for a lot of employees. The thought of quitting often occurs, but one thing is for sure; you should never quit without securing your next position first. Income, as it happens, doesn’t appear magically out of thin air. You need to work to earn it, so it would be irresponsible to quit on a whim. However, when you finally do, you need to make sure that your resignation doesn’t display any of the frustration of the past. Don’t lose your cool and have an honest discussion with your manager before you resign. Instead, focus on the long-term consequences. It’s better for your career to make it a polite and grateful goodbye instead of venting your anger.

The friendly and meaningful goodbye

Finally, not all relationships live happily ever after. In fact, a breakup is very common when life gets in the way and pushes people away. You grow apart; you don’t share common interests anymore, etc. Whatever the reason, a friendly breakup is something to cherish. However, if you were able to keep a meaningful and respectful relationship throughout, you’re more likely to remain friend with your ex. Ultimately, making friends beats the bitter ex-relationship, and it’s healthier for your mental health too. Is it easy? It is if you’ve ended the relationship on a positive note.

In the end, nobody is good at goodbyes. But it’s an art worth learning, as life is full of them.


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