Don’t Run A Zombie Workforce

Your business team can be the life force of your company. They can help you win new customers and beat the competition. However, this is only ever going to be the case if they actually seem alive. You could end up running a zombie workforce. A zombie workforce will have no engagement and have no desire to work hard for your business. Instead, they will do the bare minimum to earn the paycheck and feel no attachment to your brand at all. Here are some of the key steps to avoid this and keep your team alive and kicking. 


Give Them What They Want

Next, you need to make sure that you are giving them what they want and what they need. We’re talking about the incentives that should be included in the package when you hire a team to work for your company. Common incentives that employees will often be interested in include options like health insurance. Don’t forget the majority of your business team will either have families or be thinking about starting one. If you can help them manage the challenges, they’ll always be more committed to your company. You’ll be showing them that you care about their pain points and the struggles that they are facing. 

Keep Them Engaged

First, you should think about how to keep your business team engaged. High levels of engagement are critical if you want to ensure that your team does deliver the results that you want. So, how can you keep them engaged? There are various employee engagement ideas that you can use including providing team members with training. By offering the right amount of training, you can show your team that they are not stuck in dead end positions working for your business. High levels of engagement will mean employees are willing to go the extra mile for your clients. 

Look After Their Health 

As well as ensuring that you are providing your employees with the right incentives to work for your business, you should also be willing to offer them the right options to support their health and wellbeing. It’s up to you how far you go with this idea. If you are running a larger company, you might want to make the investment to set up a gym on your business premises for employees. Or, this could be a simple matter of ensuring that you buy ergonomic furniture and technology. This can help avoid the problem of RSI which is a massive concern in the business world today, particularly for employees who are operating remotely. 

Make Work Fun 

Don’t forget that employees are going to spend about 30% of their lives working. It can always be a chore. It needs to be fun and exciting otherwise they are quickly going to get bored and tired. This is the last thing that you want and there’s no need for that to happen. You should research the best ways to make a typical business environment more fun and create the right type of energy. As an example you might want to run a weekly raffle. Even small prizes that easily fit your budget will make working for your company a little more fun for team members. 

Think About Your Office Environment 

If you are running an office and your employees are operating from this environment, then you should think about what they need here. For instance, you should check out issues with air quality. Research suggests that air quality can have an impact on concentration and levels of productivity. This can be as simple as fixing a faulty aircon system or thinking about adding more greenery around the indoor environment. Color choices can also be important. The right colors can inspire positive feelings of creativity and innovation. That’s just what you need to keep them engaged. 


Connect Them To Your Brand 

Finally, you should find ways to connect your team to your business brand. One of the ways that you can do this is by ensuring that they benefit from the success of your company. This can be through the form of financial gains such as pay rises. Or, you might want to hire in house when filling high up positions. Remember, you’ll be able to do this as long as you do focus on training the employees who do join your business at ground level. 


We hope this helps you understand some of the ways to avoid running a zombie workforce and why this might be critical to the success of your company. 


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