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Don’t Forget These Packing Tips When Moving House!

Moving house is a difficult time in anyone’s life. There’s so much to do, and the packing alone can be a killer on the energy cycle. However, there are some good ways to make it easier for kids and adults alike simply by being more organized. So if you’re finding the need to move out of your current area, or you’ve bought a new house and now you need to move in, it’s time to get the checklist ready!


Label Your Boxes

When you do start packing, make sure you’re doing it via a system. It makes it a lot easier to unpack when you’re in your new rooms, and you’re not going to be rushing around for a lost teddy at the last minute! Put everything for the kitchen in kitchen boxes, and everything that goes into the bedroom into their own boxes, and make no attempt to mix and match. This way you can simply set the boxes down in their respective rooms and unpack bit by bit; go around in a cycle to make it even easier on you!

You can also use clear boxes for the really important things, like scissors and cooking utensils, as this separates all of the room essentials from the sea of cardboard you have to contend with.

Pack Lightly When You Need Things

Packing lightly means everything heavy goes at the bottom, and you keep the essentials at the top. That way, not only will nothing get broken, but you also won’t have to rip your hair out over losing yet another bar of soap into the void of boxes laid out before you.

The things you need during the day need to go at the top of the boxes if they’re to be packed at all. This means you just need to open up to find that roll of toilet paper you’ve been needing for a few minutes now! It might just be easier to stash everything you like to use regularly into a bag and stuff them into the car, making sure they’re available to reach at all times. These things include pajamas, toothbrushes, and any showering necessities, and even a few snacks.

Get Rid of all the Clutter!

Everyone has a bit of clutter, and you’re going to need to get rid of a lot of your things when it comes to moving! It sounds harsh, but there’s not going to be the same amount of room in a new place, and you’re going to need the space for other things. So, it’s time to make some sacrifices and finally, depart with that cracked vase you found whilst thrifting years ago.


If you know you’re going to have to depart with a lot of stuff, it’s time to look into bin hire. It’s easy on you and your gas consumption for the week, and you’ll be able to fit more into a skip than the back of your car.


Remember, packing and unpacking doesn’t have to be so strenuous!

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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