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Decorating Tips to Make the Most of Any Room

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If you think decorating is hard, think again. There might be some hard physical work involved if you’re carrying out a major renovation, but getting any and every room in your home to look great is child’s play. No, really it is providing you’re mindful of these simple decorating tips…

Test Your Paint Choices

So many people end up spending so many hours painting a room only to find that they hate the final product. They loved the color on the can, and it looked great on the brush, but once it was dried and finished, well it looked a lot less inviting. Why? Because paint turns out differently depending on the surface it was painted on and the light conditions in any particular room will have an effect on how it looks too. That’s why you should always test your paint before you go ahead and cover the whole room in it.

Some interior design experts would also have you wait until you’ve bought the furniture, picked out the artwork and accessories for a room before you choose the paint too, just so you can be absolutely sure you’re making the right choice.

Leave Some Space

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Rooms tend to look a lot better when every last inch of them isn’t filled with furniture and other accessories, which is why you should always aim to spend the money you have on fewer pieces of furniture of better quality. You’ll save money, your stuff will last, and you’ll have lots of space to enjoy life – what’s not to like?

Choose Hardwood

High-quality hardwood flooring, like the stuff you’ll find at gohardwood, even when it isn’t particularly, helps to make any room look more expensive. If you like the look and feel of  carpet, you can complement your wooden floors with pretty rugs to add some color and warmth, but you really can’t go wrong with wood on the floor.

Furniture on the Rugs

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While we’re on the subject of rugs, if you have any large rugs in the same vicinity as your furniture, you should always place the furniture on the rug, while leaving around 6 centimeters of floor space around each corner of the rug. This not only looks better, but it ensures that you get the benefit of feeling the rug under your feet when you’re sitting on the couch.

60 Inches is Perfect for Art

If you love artwork, like the pieces at Etsy, but you can never seem to get it looking it’s best in your home, it could simply be that you’re hanging it too high or low for optimum viewing. The majority of galleries hang their works so that the center is between 57 and 60 inches from the ground – level with most people’s eye line. This makes those pictures look even prettier.

Have a Focal Point

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Last, but by no means least, if you want a room to look great, give it a focal point. This could be a feature wall covered in beautiful wallpaper, a beautiful piece of art or, best of all, a  wonderfully warm fireplace – as long as it draws the eye and you center everything else around it, the room will always feel balanced.

Now you’ll never have to worry about getting that room right again!


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