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Kids & Carpets Do Not Mix!

Children are the biggest blessing that anyone can have in their lives. They come into your life a screaming, sticky mess and that’s pretty much how they stay until they’re able to realise that mud and gunk are not toys. Until then, you have to be vigilant so that your poor house doesn’t suffer under the tyranny of the miniature version of yourself that you made. Aren’t you proud?

One of the biggest issues with a toddler tornado who has just learned to walk, is that they aren’t particularly careful. Not only are you dealing with safety and ensuring there are no trips and falls, but you’re dealing with your floors. When you’ve moved into a property that is pretty new and you view it as your forever home, your floors become your pride and joy – after the children, of course. Whether you have stone flooring, lino, wood or carpet, you have to keep it in the best condition you can, despite the toddler running around like a whirlwind. So, how can you ensure that your floors stay looking good?

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Stone Floor

Stone is the type of flooring that is often treated before it even leaves the factory, meaning that there isn’t much you need to do for it except to keep it generally swept and wiped down. The treatment that it receives means that it doesn’t stain very easily. Any sticky spills from little hands need wiping quite quickly, so don’t just leave them and go back to them later. Add a sealant if your floors haven’t been treated before, and you can learn how to do that here.

365.294: Vacuum

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Ah, carpet vs children; the ultimate nemesis. Have you noticed that newer homes tend to carpet the entire space in cream and white? Really not the best idea if you have small children around. Aside from putting down large rugs to cover the floors, you can click here to check out the types of carpet cleaning machines you can hire to get your floors done every few months. Keeping on top of vacuuming the carpets, as well as keeping tips like this for immediate stain removal are both important for carpet care.

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Wooden Floor

Lovely, easy to maintain and gorgeous to look at, wooden floors are likely the most child-friendly option for children in the house. You can remove scuff marks fairly easily by using something as simple as a pencil eraser – not many parents can say they do that! Lemon oil and a dry cloth are great for polishing up the look of the floor, as long as it’s not varnished you’re doing it on!

Your flooring is going to take a battering, particularly in the dining area of the home. There are a lot of ways you can prevent staining on the floor, but mainly you just need to ensure you stay on top of regular cleanings and get to grips with your cleaning protocols around the house. Keep your floors family-friendly and you’ll be a lot less stressed out!


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