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Deal Breaker, Or Room For Improvement?

When viewing a home, we all get our buyer’s heads on. Though our hearts do come into things, we also have to step back and look out for any worrying signs that a property might not be as good as it seems. After all, the last thing you want is to buy hastily, then find issues down the line.

Getting this right is all about understanding issues and their severity. While certain things should be instant deal breakers, others could be a sign that there’s room for improvement. And, there’s nothing wrong with improving a property once you’ve moved in. In fact, that could be the ideal way to get the home you want and add value.

But, how can you know the difference? To set the tone, we’re going to look at three prime issues, and which side each fall on.

Structural issues – DEAL BREAKER

Structural issues in a home are often deal breakers. These are near enough impossible to get a grip on. Even if you do manage to master them, you’ll pay a fortune. Issues like these are especially prevalent in older buildings. Here, wood structures are prone to rot. If damp gets in, you can be sure those foundation beams will suffer. And, if that’s happened, it spells big trouble. Other signs of foundation issues include large cracks and sloping floors. If you’re not sure what to look out for here, it’s crucial you pay for a survey on any properties you’re considering. That’ll let you know for sure where your foundations stand. If things look shaky, it might be best to leave the house well alone.

Fixtures and fittings – ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT

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There can be a few issues where fixtures and fittings are concerned. You may not like the ones in place. The doors could just be the wrong color. Or, they may be in a state of disrepair. Either way, issues like these are a definite case of room for improvement. Unlike house structure, these are problems with easy fixes. In fact, altering small matters like these can help make a house what you want it to be. Changing the doors can add a touch of your personality. Investing in window replacements like those offered by Erie Construction allows you to achieve the windows you want. It can be tough to see past things like this during a viewing. But, you could well be doing yourself a favor by looking on the bright side here.

Renovation work – A MIXTURE OF BOTH

Of course, not all issues like these are clear-cut. When it comes to problems such as a need for renovation, the decision hinges entirely on you. For some people, a house with no kitchen or bathroom in place would be a deal breaker. For others, this is a definite case of room for improvement. To decide which side you’re on, consider issues such as cost. Think, too, about whether you could afford to live elsewhere while the work is completed.


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