A Hint Of Sherlock: Spotting Worrying Signs When Home Viewing

So you’re off to view a potential new home for you and your family? Remember when you went to see the new home your parents were moving the family into for the first time?

It sounds simple enough doesn’t make it, because all you’re doing is walking around and nodding at the interior. Well, when it’s your money on the line you need to become a Sherlock Holmes type of figure to spot the small things. At a glance, the insignificant things might not seem troubling because you assume you can make your own repairs. But, the hidden dangers of a home are only going to be known to the current occupants, and even then, there is a chance they’re clueless. Therefore when you go to view a home, go as if you’re inspecting it rather the just to look around.

Termite Damage

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A thorn in the side

Problems that are natural have one thing that makes them a little easier to control and treat; they’re not moving. Detriments that are caused by living creatures move around; you may plug a hole in one place only for another hole to peer up somewhere else. So if you’re buying a new home, get a termite inspection to see all is well underneath. The quality of wooden can sometimes be a bit of smoke and mirrors. On the surface, it looks fine, clean and well cared for. However, these critters will totally hollow out a home if they’re left to their own devices. This not only it a huge concern for your decor, but the structural integrity of the home too. If you do a termite inspection with a highly regarded company, you stand to receive a full detailed report of any current termite activity, the damage they have caused and any effects on the wood such as fungal infections and or rot taking place.

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Window sills

Usually, this is the most common place to find cracks. All homes no matter what style or price range don’t have airtight windows. This is because they have to the outside and inside pressures equalize gradually. However, this means that water from the rain will seep into the windows. This can also occur through the actual window structure, namely the cement and bricking. Telltale signs of cracks forming will be the walls of the window sills will be moist, and you could also see bubbles underneath the wallpaper, pushing it away from the wall. The simple fix is to plug the crack with good waterproof sealant. But if this is so easy, why haven’t the homeowners done so themselves? Look on the outside and see if there is a particular reason why their windows are letting in water. Ask them when these were fitted and the type of windows they have. The older and far back you go, the more likely you will need to replace them in the near future.


It can be a difficult pill to swallow, but you have to realize the homeowners might not tell you the whole truth. Viewing a home is a serious first step toward making your interests known in a property. So if you’re going to go over and took a look, you might as well bring your own checklist and inspect any areas of concern you might have.

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  3. Rosy
    September 25, 2023 at 3:55 am

    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips on inspecting a new home. A termite infestation or cracks in the window sills can be very expensive to fix later. Viewing a house should involve bringing your own checklist and looking carefully for any concerns.

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