Date Stamped: The Benefits Of Scheduling Family Time


The vast majority of parents know that, on a daily basis, we face so many challenges that even the simplest of tasks proves difficult. Even sitting down together for meals as a family becomes a logistical nightmare. But what happens when we get to the point that every member of the family becomes fragmented so much that quality family time is impossible? Scheduling is one of those tools that doesn’t just benefit the family, but it benefits your life. So what are the benefits of scheduling, not just for family time but for the other aspects revolving around the household?

It Gives You A Structure

When we have a structure in place, we can add a lot more meaning to our daily lives. People may not like the idea of doing everything according to a schedule, but when you are faced with numerous tasks on a daily basis, taking a bit of time to plan a structure can make everything so much easier. The fact of the matter is having a structure and a method of tackling daily household chores, as well as the other life admin duties, can help you feel on top of the situation. The great thing is, regardless of the task, there are numerous facts and resources online. Even if you’ve been putting off tidying your child’s closet, an article like How Do I Keep My Kids’ Closets Organized? helps to break down the task into manageable segments. Having that structure isn’t just a way to be organized, but it’s giving you control over the problem.

It Allows You To Prioritize The Tasks

After a while, you can see what’s really important and needs doing now, and what can wait. A very good example is cleaning the house. While we’re not saying that you shouldn’t clean, but when you start to break down this massive task into the most important ones, you may find that you don’t need to clean one of the bathrooms every single week, or that spare room. After a while, learning to prioritize tasks, rather than viewing it all as one massive task means that you will have a lot more downtime, meaning that you can spend more time with the family. These days, we have to shoehorn time in on a Saturday to clean the house because we’re not able to do anything during the week, meaning that we don’t spend proper time with our family. But once you start to prioritize these things, you’ve got a better idea of what could wait for another week, meaning you’ve got a lot less to do in the meantime.

It Reinforces The Idea Of Quality Family Time

We can become preoccupied with quantity over quality. Scheduling some family time, even if it is thirty minutes a day means that everybody is together for a short amount of time, and you can focus on the things that matter. Spending a lot of time together is great but when time is limited, you may as well focus on making sure you have quality time. 


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