Creating The Perfect Family Christmas Card

It might still be October, but the countdown to Christmas is firmly on. It’s an exciting time of year, but also a busy one and anything you can do to help you prepare now will save you time and stress come December.

Want to enjoy a nice festive activity? Make a family Christmas card! It’s the perfect way to create a personal card and gives you the chance to take a nice family photo. Getting this done now will mean your cards are ready to send in a few week’s time, taking one less thing off your to-do list.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect family Christmas card.


Decide on a theme

There are so many great family Christmas photo ideas out there, it can be hard to pick just one for your family. A photo in the backyard of you all wearing Santa hats or an ugly sweater can make a great photo and gives you the chance to get into the festive spirit early. Some people like to use a vacation photo or a photo of a special moment from the year – which can be useful if you’re finding it difficult to get everyone together.

Take a look at some Christmas family card ideas to give you some inspiration.

Taking a great photo

Getting the photo right is very important. It needs to be a high enough quality photo for print, and it needs to have the right white balance. It’s handy to take a look at some dos and don’ts of taking family portraits to give you some pointers. Having a tripod and self-timer can be useful to have, and you can buy tripods that are suitable for a phone now.

Make sure the lighting is great and that you’ve got a couple of great shots to choose from. You can edit your photo using some easy-to-use phone apps, or you can have a go at using Lightroom or Photoshop. Canva can be a useful free tool to add some text, and you might want to add a snow effect to your photo too! 

Get them printed

Now that you’ve got your finished photo design, you can send it off to be printed onto your cards. You can find plenty of affordable card printers online – just make sure you choose the right size and quantity. If you want to avoid spending hours writing out your cards, get them pre-printed with a message inside, you can always top and tail the recipient’s name!

Creating a Christmas card could be a wonderful new tradition for your family to start. Not only does it give you the opportunity to do something fun with the family, but it’s a great way to connect with your other relatives and friends. Don’t forget to put your family photo on the wall, it can be one of those little home touches to make a Christmas to remember. Start planning your Christmas family photo and get the festive season off to a great start.


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