4 Christmas Tree Mishaps You Can Avoid

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

How lovely are thy branches.

Your boughs so green in summertime

Stay bravely green in wintertime

You’re probably already whistling the song to yourself. But unless you live in a fairy-land world, chances are that your Christmas tree never stays as beautiful, green, and inviting as in the song. The truth is that anybody who buys a fake or a real Christmas tree for the holiday will have encountered some of the most common tree mishaps. Here are some tips to keep your tree just as green and lovely as in your dreams! 


#1. Be strategic with your decoration

While it might sound silly, not everybody has an eye for symmetry. If you’re familiar with the spot the differences game, you’ve probably noticed that some people can immediately identify differences while others just have a feeling that the picture is wrong without being able to tell why. If you’re the kind of person who can look at a picture for hours without being able to tell what is incorrect, you may struggle to create a balanced and elegant tree decoration. Here’s a little trick to make things easier for you: Start by adding the lights. They will be partially hidden in the branches – which is good, nobody needs to see those wires – but, once turned on, they’ll illuminate the tree from the inside out. 

#2. Why is my tree drying out? 

If you’ve bought a real tree, the thing you are going to be the most worried about is your tree drying out. Ultimately, while you can look after a real tree and keep it fresh and green for several weeks – more on this below –, you need to keep your eyes open for any signs that your tree might be drying out quicker than expected. Indeed, if you find that your tree is developing dry patches, it might be a good idea to check with your heating or HVAC repair service man. When the AC unit has a fault, the temperature settings fluctuate, which means that your Christmas tree is likely to be going through high and low-temperature switches, which will dry it out. 


#3. The unavoidable cat in the tree

If you love cats, you know that there’s one thing that your cat loves more than sitting on top of your freshly pressed laundry, and that’s climbing into the Christmas tree. Cats and Christmas trees are a match made in hell. They take your decorations off, break the precious angel at the top and send the tree toppling over. But, you can prevent it from happening. For high trees, you can attach them to the ceiling with fishing line. Small trees can be duct-taped in place. Using wire, you can secure your ornaments too. 

#4. Everything is covered in needles

Finally, real trees are real needles that can really drop. But you can keep your tree hydrated and away from the heat to avoid most of the issues. Ideally, the tree should always have water, so place it in a basin and refill regularly. 


Are you ready to make the most of your Christmas tree during the festive season? With a little know-how, you can turn even the least noticeable tree – fake or real – into a magical memory! 


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