Clever Ways To Save For Your Dream Trip

If you’re lucky enough to be a millionaire you can drop everything and go traveling around the world whenever you like without having to worry about where the money is coming from. Unfortunately, most of us have to live in the real world where we’ve got responsibilities, families to care for, and a limited amount of money. That’s why a lack of funds is the number one thing that holds people back from their travel plans.


There’s probably a huge list of places that you want to go but in your current financial position, it seems like it’ll never happen. But don’t worry, there’s always a way to find the cash. If you’re itching to get away but your bank balance won’t allow it, here are some easy ways to pull together the money.

Living Off One Wage

If you and your partner are both working, having two wages coming in gives you a good opportunity to save a big chunk of money. Depending on where you live and the costs in the area, you might be able to get by on one wage. It’ll mean a lot of cost-cutting and making some sacrifices, but it’ll pay off in the end if you can save up to travel. If you can cover all of your living costs on the one wage, you’ll have an entire year’s salary just to spend on travel. That’s enough to go on multiple holidays every single year and quench your thirst for adventure.

Borrow The Money

If you can’t wait to get away and you just want to do it now, you can always borrow the money. Homeowner loans are probably the best way to do it if you’ve paid off a good chunk of your mortgage. You can borrow money using the house as collateral which means you’ll get more and it won’t be so dependent on your credit score. If you’ve had a bit of a shaky financial past, this is your best option.

If your credit is still good, you could use a credit card to borrow the money. There are plenty of deals that are interest-free for the first year so if you’re confident that you can pay it off in time, it’s a good option. Just be careful because if you don’t pay it back within that first year and those interest payments kick in, you could get yourself into a bit of a hole.

Cut Out Luxuries

When you look over your budget in detail you’ll probably find that not everything on there is a necessity. Replacing some of those luxuries with cheaper options, like cooking instead of buying takeaways, or reducing your phone tariff a bit can save you a big chunk of money every month. Put that straight into a savings account and you’ll be able to afford a great holiday at the end of the year. Those sacrifices might take awhile to get used to but it’ll all be worth it when you’ve got the money for your dream trip.

Collect Spare Change


Collecting spare change is so often overlooked as a way to generate extra money because people don’t think that you’ll get that much, but when you think about it, that’s not true. Say, for example, you and your partner each put $1 into a jar each day, that’s $730 at the end of the year. All of that change is just what you’d have in your pocket at the end of the day, if you keep it in there it’ll just get spent on coffees or snacks that you only buy for the sake of it because the change is there. Just empty your pockets out at the end of each day and, at the very least, you’ll be able to cover your spending money, if not the whole holiday.


Every now and again you’ll get an extra chunk of money from somewhere. Whether it’s a Christmas bonus, a tax rebate, or an inheritance, you can use it to bolster your savings. These lump sums often get spent on something frivolous when you get them but if you can remain sensible and put them straight into the bank, you could have an amazing family vacation instead.

If you get a fairly sizeable sum for some reason, why not consider investing it? If you put it into premium bonds or invest in a property, you could see a regular return that can fund your travel plans on a more long-term basis.


Putting just two or three of these plans into practice could see you well on your way to paying for your dream tip in no time.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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