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Buyers Are Going Mad For These Styles Of Home Right Now


When people talk about the housing market, they usually see it as a giant entity with very little differentiation. The price of a four-bedroom semi-detached is the same, whether it is a Victorian townhouse or a 1960s-build in suburbia. 

Like other markets, though, style plays an important role too. The primary theme of a home can also have a substantial bearing on the price. 

What’s interesting about this phenomenon is how consumer tastes change with time. The styles with the most significant premiums can differ from year to year and even season to season. 

Here are the styles of homes that buyers are snapping up right now on the property market? Do any of them pique your interest?

Cape Cod Homes

New England was the first area of the United States settled by Northern Europeans. The buildings and styles here are the oldest anywhere in the country. Therefore, they offer a lot of character. 


The roots of Cape Cod stretch back to 1675 as the first colonists began building fishing towns in the area. But the style we know and love today actually started in the 1930s. Typically, these homes are one-and-a-half stories (not two) and feature wood siding, multi-pane windows, and hardwood floors.

Originally, Cape Cod homes were small. Modern builders have taken the theme and applied it to new mansions. In the 1930s, you were hard pushed to find a genuine Cape Cod home greater than 2,000 square feet. Now it’s the norm. 

French-Style Homes

The French migrated to the US en masse in the 18th century. And they brought their architectural motifs with them. 

Many French wanted to recreate the style and design of their homeland. Today, so-called French-style homes feature rounded window arches, high pointed roofs, blue slate, and narrow windows paired with shutters. The overall aesthetic is very similar to a French chateau built in the traditional style. 

This theme is most popular around the Great Lakes and in the Mississippi valley. You can, however, find properties with this style all over the country, including secluded spots in the west. Seeing a French chateau in the desert is a slightly strange experience, but it works. 

Mediterranean Style Home

Spain, Italy, Greece, and the islands of the Mediterranean all have a particular architectural style. They often have low-pitched roofs, light-colored masonry, and central courtyards with fountains. 

The revival of the Mediterranean style began in the US in the 1920s and 1930s. People wanted to recreate the rustic interior and exterior features of southern Europe. The form took off in warmer places, like Southern California, and has been with us ever since. Today, it is one of the most popular styles on the market. 

Traditional Ranch Homes

While modern homes are great, there’s still a longing to live in homes that are reminiscent of the past. People want to evoke the frontier spirit of the country. 

Traditional ranch homes do just that. They first made their appearance in the 1930s and are now one of the most popular styles on the market. 

The traditional ranch home was actually one of the most popular styles during the 1950s and 1960s house building boom. Homeowners liked the understated nature of the style and its potential for additions. While the homes may appear cookie-cutter on the outside, that was part of their appeal. Each homeowner could make their property their own. 

Contemporary Homes

The term “contemporary” home can be a little confusing. It doesn’t necessarily mean a house built in the last few years. In this context, it actually refers to those constructed in the post-war period, from 1950 to 1970.


The post-war era was a period of renewed hope and optimism about the future. People believed that their lives would be good, and this started to influence the type of architecture that they demanded. 

With the revival of the economy we have seen over the last few years, this same spirit is returning to the nation’s consciousness. People want to live in aspirational homes that promise a bright future. 

Contemporary homes typically feature inventive and disruptive designs, open floor plans, and plenty of large glass windows. They eschew any unnecessary details and try to focus on the real experience of the occupier. 


So, in summary, the style of home that you choose can have a bearing on how much your home will cost. The effect isn’t as large as location, but it is still significant. Some styles will remain more popular than others, but they can also change over time. 


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