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Beyond The Parenting Guidebook: How Does Motherhood Actively Impact Your World?


We all know that being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world. In truth, you don’t need to me to tell you about how your little angels will leave you smiling on a daily basis. Meanwhile, there are plenty of guides on how to give your child the best possible start in life. So, let’s take some time to think about you for once. More specifically, let’s think about the ways in which parenthood will change your life.

The list of impacts is quite extensive, so buckle yourself in. By the end of this post, you should be ready to enjoy parenthood to the max. Besides, a happy mom is a better mom. Here’s all you need to know.

#1. Your Body Will Change

Giving birth is a big deal, and it will inevitably take its toll on your body. Even after months of weight loss and recovery techniques, you may never get things back to how they were. The severity of change will vary between women. Likewise, some can quickly adapt and learn to love their new bodies. Then again, some don’t, and it can be a source of huge discomfort.

Those image changes can cause health problems, both physically and mentally. Meanwhile, breastfeeding and other activities during your child’s early infancy can have an impact. If natural recoveries aren’t working, a breast augmentation consultation may be the first step to overcoming those issues. If it restores your confidence and happiness, this will make life a lot better.


#2. Your Career May Be Influenced

Your child naturally becomes the main priority in life, and nothing else comes close. Unfortunately, juggling other commitments with parenting isn’t always easy. As such, your career may be one of the aspects that suffers. Maternity leave may get you through that initial stage. Sadly, if your employer isn’t empathetic to your new life situation, things won’t last for the long haul.

There are several ways to tackle this problem. Starting a business or finding a job where you can work from home on a flexible basis can work wonders. Alternatively, a change of career, moving into childcare or teaching may have a hugely beneficial impact. Many women still find a way of juggling their old jobs with parenting, though. So, if you love your work, this is probably possible.

#3. Your Relationship Will Evolve

Not all moms will stay with their child’s father, especially if conception occurred during a moment of madness. For those in loving relationships, however, having a child changes everything. Whether you’ve been together for 10 months or 10 years, the whole dynamic changes when two become three. Generally speaking, those evolutions are a positive thing.

It’s impossible for things to stay casual when a kid is involved. However, your partner may need a little persuading when taking those other forward steps. Building a happy family is naturally the most important item on your agenda, and proposing to him can make this happen. Most crucially, though, you must learn to talk through your problems.


#4. Your Friendship Groups Could Look Different

Having a child puts limitations on your social life. There will still be opportunities to enjoy an occasional night out on the town, but they won’t be as frequent as pre-parenthood. In truth, though, you’ll probably find that this is a blessing. Spending time with your child is the greatest thing of all. Spending time, money, and energy on clubbing simply doesn’t have the same level of appeal.

Unfortunately, many of your non-parent friends won’t understand. The best friendships will remain strong, but some will become broken. Fortunately, you will make new friends and find child-friendly ways of having fun and entertainment. Even if it’s hosting a small party or gathering at home, you’ll find that those alternative methods of fun become your new favorite.

#5. Your Need For Financial Responsibility Will Grow

Children aren’t cheap. In fact, studies suggest that you’ll spend over $230,000 during the first 17 years of your child’s life. As such, wasting money to the level that you once did simply cannot be an option. There’s still nothing wrong with spending money, but you must at least learn to trim the fat in every possible manner. This starts with removing unused services like gym memberships.

On a similar note, price comparisons on monthly bills are vital while coupons can save you a lot of money in the long run too. Keep luxury purchases limited to promos and sales for an even greater impact. Holidays can be made cheaper by staying domestic while learning to utilize assets will bring positivity too. Either way, you will find that money is a huge stress. Battling it is key.


#6. Your Home Environment Changes

With an extra person in the home, it will naturally feel as though there is less space. Given the sheer volume of stuff that babies and children require, making the most of those storage facilities is vital. Meanwhile, once your son or daughter outgrows something, you should look to sell. Aside from boosting the home environment, you’ll gain a financial boost.

That need to respect the space isn’t the only change you’ll notice. Childproofing the home will become a huge priority in your life. This could include keeping electrical items safe while covering sharp and dangerous objects too. Similarly, due to lower immune systems, there will be a greater emphasis on keeping the home clean. Sadly, the kids will also make it dirty far quicker.

#7. Your Focus On Time Efficiency Increases

Some of the above issues impact some parents greater than others. One change that unites all moms, however, is the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day. If you thought you were busy before having a child, becoming a parent makes your life hectic. Therefore, staying organized with finances, daily chores, and other issues is crucial. Lose this control, and it’s hard to gain back.


Sleep patterns are likely to change also, which is why you must find a positive solution. Meanwhile, you should learn to appreciate technology and all features that actively aid your bid to stay in control. After a little while, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel as though you are achieving far more than ever before. This still won’t change the fact that there aren’t enough hours in the day, but the impacts are at least positive. Go mom!

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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