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Bad Bakes And Ruined Ragu: Essential Tips For The Challenged Family Chef

Every mom dreams of cooking for the family. Your mom probably did it, and your gran before her. It’s just one of those traditions. gender stereotypes aside; it can feel wonderful to provide food. After all, good meals lead to happier, healthier kids. Plus, proper meals provide time for the family to sit and talk. And, in modern homes, that can be somewhat of a rarity.

But, while some moms tackle Michelin standard meals, others just aren’t gifted with cooking. You follow the recipe, and still, you end with a disaster on your hands.

Well, we’ve got good news. We’re going to look at ways even the worst cook can tackle good food in the kitchen. Read on, and you may find out that the solution is much simpler than you think.


Find a chef you can follow

So, you’ve probably been using recipes up to this point anyway. But, they haven’t been working for you, and you don’t know why. In truth, there could be any number of reasons. It might be that you’ve been picking the bad ones. There are many of them out there. Those who have been cooking for a long time learn to read through recipes beforehand to test this. They also often alter methods to suit tastes. Don’t worry about that at this stage. Knowledge comes with experience, after all. For now, just look out for chefs who you know you can follow. Once you’ve found one or two recipes which work for you, buy books from those chefs. You can rest pretty easy that their other recipes will also be successful.

Work out what goes wrong

It’s also worth taking some time to find out what is causing your setbacks. Often, simple mistakes cause the same thing to happen each time. It may be that you miss crucial ingredients which alter texture or taste. In this case, it’s worth crossing a line through everything you add with a pencil. You can erase this after, but the visual guide will be a real help as you cook. Consider an easier alternative: sous vide cooking. Recipes and more can be found at this website.

Simple is always better

Bear in mind, too, that you don’t have to opt for complicated recipes. In fact, if you have young kids, it may be better that you don’t. Instead, stick to simple dishes you can become good at. Options like curry, or spaghetti bolognese work well here. These are firm favorites in most households. Even better, they’re incredibly simple to get right. Leave the coq au vin to the masters. As long as you have basic recipes under your belt, you can cater for your family.


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