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What Should Be On Your Baby Shower Wish List?

So your friends are throwing you a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of your new addition, and they’ve asked you to compile a list of gifts that you would like to register for. The only problem is that when it comes to items for your new addition, you just don’t know what to ask for. Choosing items that are both practical and have plenty of sentimental value can be difficult.

However, knowing what to ask for can sometimes be a struggle.

The good news is, however, that picking out your baby shower gifts does not have to be a struggle, it’s just a case of knowing what to ask for. With that in mind, below is a list of some items that are ideal for including on your baby shower list.

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Personalized gifts

A recent study found that the most valued baby shower gifts were personalized or handmade items. Think knitted or crocheted blankets, baby clothes, and booties, and gifts that come with a personalized touch, such as your new addition’s name, if you have a name picked out, that is. There are plenty of stores that now offer personalized baby items, from rattles and teddies to blankets and booties, there are various items that can be personalized. As well as these items, nostalgic items, such as toys like the ones that you played with as a child, can also make highly popular gifts. Have you seen a vintage-style toy that is similar to one that you had as a child? If the answer is yes, then pop it on your baby shower gift list, as it is sure to hold some pretty special memories.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a really practical and highly appreciated gift, particularly for moms who don’t know what they want or need or already have most items that they require for their little one’s newborn days. Vouchers allow you to buy what you need when you need it. If you don’t want to ask for vouchers to spend on everyday necessities, such as nappies, baby wipes, and formula, then perhaps you could ask for a voucher for something else, such as a newborn baby photo shoot, for instance. Vouchers don’t have to just be for purchasing items; they can also be used to make memories with.

Bedding and baby blankets

Baby blankets and bedding often make popular baby shower gifts, with most moms to be being pleased with these gifts. Particularly when they have been handmade or personalized in some way, to give them that special look and feel. Grobags can be a great addition to any baby shower wish list, as these come recommended by medical professionals for ensuring that babies are able to sleep safely. Loose blankets increase the risk of SIDS, which is why it is recommended that new babies sleep in Grobags or with tightly tucked in bedding. So if you need bedding for your little one, adding a Grobag to your list could be a good idea, just make sure to look at the different tog options, and choose a Grobag that will offer the right amount of warmth for the time of year when your little one is born, as the last thing that you want is them overheating.

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Books for baby

Books offer endless possibilities, don’t they? Which is what makes books such a popular baby shower gift. Books can spark a child’s imagination; they can educate them, they can introduce them to a cast of unforgettable characters. Some moms-to-be choose to register for a selection of books at their local bookstore so that guests have the option of buying a book instead of an item of clothing or gadget that the baby will grow out of. Instead of registering, you could ask each guest to bring along their favorite children’s book, that way you will be introduced to a range of books that you most probably would never have heard of otherwise.

Useful gadgets

Baby showers are ideal for topping up your stash of useful gadgets, so if you don’t already have everything that you need, adding a selection of these to your shower list could be an ideal step to take. From baby monitors and formula machines to the best baby swing and jungle gym, there are plenty of useful items that you can add to your baby shower list. The idea of a baby shower is for the mom to be to get everything that she needs ready for the arrival of her new addition, which is why adding useful items to your shower list is so important.


If there are any necessities that you are yet to get, your baby shower could be the ideal time to get them. Things like a month’s worth of nappies – towel nappies or disposable ones, in the form of a nappy cake can make popular gifts, as can a selection of changing bag items like nappy cream, wet wipes, and other essentials. If you are yet to get a changing bag, perhaps you could also add this to your baby shower list?

Items you couldn’t live without

To ensure that you have everything that you need for your new addition, another option could be to ask people to bring one item that they could not have lived without when their baby was small. This should allow you to get a range of different items that you would never have thought to buy yourself but could be absolutely life-saving when it comes to taking care of your new addition. This is also a great way to make sure that every gift that you receive has a personal touch to it.


There you have it, a guide to what you should consider putting on your baby shower wish list. Remember, the purpose of a baby shower is to ensure that when your new arrival arrives, you have everything that you could possibly need for your little one. That’s why it is worth registering a list for your baby shower, to ensure that you get all of the items that you need, ready for the arrival of your new addition.

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