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Adding Character to a Modern Home

In this day and age, when homes are built quite quickly, and for ease are all made to look the same, it can be hard to have a home that is unique. And adding character to the home can be difficult when you and all of your neighbors on the street have the same ‘cookie cutter’ home. There are a few things that you can do to your home to add character to a modern home, though. Here are some simple but super effective ways to add more character to your new and modern home.

Cookie cutter homes Northwood.


Trim and Frame Windows

Modern homes come with little or no trim or frame to the windows. But an older, perhaps even Victorian-style home would have drapes and curtains flowing to the floor. So if you want to add character, think about getting curtains or drapes instead of the modern version of blinds. Think as well of dressing up the windows and having drapes or a fabric to frame the window, even if you do have blinds. It can be an easy win with very little money.

Bling Your Door

The front door is the first thing that you and everyone else will see when they walk into a room. So adding some character to it, can be a good way to make your home stand out from the rest. You could look at a site like www.stainedglasspanelsplus.com, for example, to get ideas about how much a stained glass panel could be for the door. You could even look for some vintage hardware to change the door handle or lock. Adding decorative trim, to an internal or external door can be a simple way to make a plain old door look older and more classy.

Add Cornice

If you want to make the rooms in the home look more vintage and more unique, then adding cornice at the top of each wall can be a good look to go for. You can get some pretty simple ones, as well as some quite ornate and extravagant ones. You could even get a ceiling medallion for your light fitting, from somewhere like www.architecturaldepot.com, for instance. If you added a chandelier style light to the medallion, then it really would make a feature of it, and bling up any dining area or hallway.

Create a Focal Point

Having a focal point for any room in the house is pretty much a must. It can add character and make your home more unique, depending on the kind of focal point that you choose. Something like a fireplace can be a good focal point, even if you choose a fire and mantle that won’t light up. You can decorate the mantle and it draws people’s eyes in the room. Other things could be a statement chair or a piece of vintage artwork or mirror.


A lot of these projects are pretty inexpensive but can make the home look completely different, if not from the outside, at least from the inside.


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