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A Silky Smooth Home Move

Is there such a thing as a silky smooth home move? And yes, that was meant to rhyme! Moving home is notoriously hard, but something most people have to go through at some point during their life. There are so many things to think about, so many potential complications, and there’s definitely a few unexpected setbacks along the way. If you bump into someone mid home move, we guarantee you’ll bump into someone who’s in a raging ball of stress. So, so far we’ve painted moving in a really bad light when really you can have a silky smooth home move if you follow the tips below.

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The Right People For The Job

Getting the right people for the job will make you half way there to actually have a silky smooth move. There are some companies out there that are just terrible with their customer service and the way in which they handle your goods. There are some, however, such as movingday.net, who have tons of experience in giving the best care possible and aiding your move. Do your research and pick someone trustworthy, especially if precious goods are being moved. Make sure to tailor your search for a good company to your location, for example, if you are moving to the Atlanta area, make sure to search for https://www.atlantahomemovers.com/ and similar companies. You also need to make sure you’re choosing the right legal people and financial people to help you with the move. The legal people will be handling all the paperwork and the exchange of contracts for the house, and the financial people will be able to make sure you get the best deal on your mortgage possible. The mortgage is one of the most expensive parts of the move, so making sure you’ve got the best people trying to get it as low as possible for you is the best thing you can do. Make sure you go private rather than through a bank, however, they’re always able to get you better deals.

The Décor Of The New Home

It’s unlikely that you’ll go into a new home and it has the décor that you really want. The chances are that it’ll actually be pretty outdated if you’re moving into an older home, or if you’re moving to a new build then it’ll most likely have no décor at all. Use websites such as Pinterest to see what type of interior decor you’d like. It isn’t hard to recreate what you see on there, and if you have it all planned out before the move it’ll make the transition to your new home much easier.

Managing Setbacks

There’s one big setback that a lot of couples face when moving house, and that’s the new house not being ready by the date that was promised. The implication of that being the people who are moving into your house will need to move in when you said. So you’re left effectively homeless. To prepare for this we recommend you have a few quotes on the price of a storage unit for a few weeks and a temporary place to stay such as parents. The delay of you moving in shouldn’t be more than a few weeks, but it can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared.


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