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Keeping Spirits High When Moving Home With Your Kids

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Moving home is a huge and daunting experience for anyone. After all, you’re going to be leaving everything you know behind and stepping into entirely new and unfamiliar territory. However, for little ones, it can seem even bigger and scarier than it needs to be. Bear in mind that the property they’re currently living in has most likely served as their home for their entire lives, or at least for as far back as they can remember. Moving somewhere new is bound to seem a lot more dramatic in their eyes, even if they’re literally just going down the road. Bear in mind that it’s absolutely essential that you consider every step of the moving process carefully. If you don’t do things properly, you could find that your children feel lost, insecure, or unstable. But don’t worry too much. There are ways to get your little ones from A to B without excessively disturbing them and ensuring that they feel comfortable and in control every step of the way. Here are just a few to consider.

Ensure They Receive Sufficient Attention

Sure, the moving process is hectic, and your attention will be diverted a lot of the time. You can’t keep an eye on your children constantly. But, if you fail to pay them attention at all, they will have more time to focus on their worries and doubts. They might also feel a little left behind or forgotten. Luckily, there are services that you can use which allow you to dedicate a little more time to them than you usually would if making the move alone and entirely independently. Consider high-quality movers to use. This takes a whole lot of responsibility off your shoulders, and you can give your children much more attention on moving day. The movers will take care of transporting your belongings from one property to another and you can use this time to drive your kids to their new home yourself, allowing you to arrive together as a strong unit.

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Involve Your Children in Your Plans

A huge negative element in the moving process for children is a general lack of control. Now, of course, your children can’t take full control of the situation. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you to make the final decisions on where to go and when to go. You have their best interests in mind and know what’s best for them, even if they can’t see this themselves. However, there are ways to make your kids feel like they do have more control than they may have in the situation. The key is to involve them in as many steps of the process as possible. Many parents make the mistake of keeping the relocation a secret for fear of upsetting their little ones. But you should let them know your plans as soon as you’ve made the final decision to move. Take them along to house viewings, ask them their opinions on each property, let them mark down the moving date on the family calendar. Being involved makes your child feel like they are playing a role in the move itself, boosting their confidence.


The key to moving home and keeping your kids content all at once is to ensure that your kids feel included and loved throughout the entire process. It really is as simple as that!

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