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A Grown-Up Decor With Kids

Having children is a wonderful experience that changes you forever. But when you come to more material aspects, having children can make it difficult to maintain a stylish and elegant home interior that appeals to all generations. After all, you probably don’t want to fill your decor with figurines from the latest children’s cartoons. Similarly, you don’t want to invest in expensive decorative items that could quickly get damaged. So, what’s the right way for parents to create a home interior that works for them and their children? It’s a fine balancing act between grown-up decor and simple tastes – without mentioning child’s requirements. But there are a few tips to make it happen!

Quirky yes, DIY no

For a start, when your favorite social media platform are filled with existing DIY home projects – from furniture painting to creative solutions to recycle old items – it’s easy to get inspired. However, unless you’re a professional crafter, it’s best to leave the DIY work for now. Indeed, you need to rely on sturdy furniture with young children, as they are more likely to climb on top of the wardrobe or bounce on the bed. You don’t want anything to break! So if you want a fun-looking shelving unit, it’s best to buy it than making your own.

Avoid DIY

Invest in quality and elegant furniture

Children spend a lot of running around and playing at home. So, it’s fair to say that now is not the best time to accumulate precious clutter. Instead, embrace a minimalist decor that values elegant and purposeful items such as these bathtubs here, Minimalist decor is not only sophisticated, but it’s also the best compromise with children. When the furniture is the decor, there is less risk of accidental damage. Ultimately, it’s easier to accidentally break decorative objects than it is to damage furniture and appliances.

Colorful doesn’t mean childish

Admittedly, if you’ve been looking for inspiration to decorate your child’s bedroom, you’ve probably noticed that child-friendly decors are vibrant and colorful. Does it mean your entire home should be bubbling with shades of blue, green, yellow, pink and red? No, you can compromise between a grown-up neutral environment and a colorful childish style. Take a look at these ideas,, to find out how to introduce elements of pink in a stylish and elegant fashion. You can also bring some purple, pale blue and green into your living room and kitchen as long as you balance these with neutral hues.

Be playful with colors

No plastic plates!

Last, but not least, there is nothing more appealing than children’s crockery and cutlery. A lot of children can keep their plastic plates until they’re 4 or 5. You can find pretty dinnerware alternatives that work for the whole family if you know where to look. For instance, there is such a thing as shock resistant plates, which means that the plates will not break or chip if they fall or receive an accidental blow. This can allow you to use only one set of dinnerware for the whole family.

No more broken dinnerware

As your kids grow older and become more aware of their movements and the risks around them, you can bring more decorative items into your home. But in the meantime, a minimalist and functional decor can radically change your life!


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