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A Calming Bedroom Space For Mom and Dad Is Only Six Steps Away

When you are a parent, it can feel like you need an oasis in the home that you can retreat to when things get stressful. For most moms and dads this is their bedroom, and with that fact in mind, it is essential for them to know how to make this room as calm and relaxing as possible. Luckily, the following six steps will tell you just how to achieve this. Read on to find out more.

A relaxing bedroom space can be a haven for mom and dad.



The first step to completing any bedroom renovation is planning what you will do and how space will look when you are done. Don’t panic though, as you don’t have to start drawing out sketches and blueprints. Instead, something that can be particularly helpful at this stage is to use a mood board.

A mood board is a technique interior decorators use to collect ideas, inspiration, color schemes, and textures for a room to see how well they all work together in the same space. You can even use an online service like this, to make this process easier.

Next, regarding planning, it can be helpful to set out an action plan for individual tasks that need to be completed. This is vital to the smooth running of your renovation because there will be things that need to be completed in a specific order. Check out these action plan templates for some assistance with this.

Paint the walls.

Usually, the first vital job after you have planned and cleared the room will be to paint or wallpaper. Of course, these are both incredibly messy jobs, and it certainly won’t do anything to make you feel calm if you get paste or paint in your carpets!

With that in mind, it is vital that you cover any pieces of furniture that you can’t move, as well as the floor before you get down to work. Remember too that using masking tape along the where the top of the walls meet the ceiling, and along where the bottom of the walls meet the skirting boards will help you to get a perfectly crisp line.

Also, if you are aiming to create a calming space, then it’s worth doing a little research into the best colors that have a relaxing effect. Whites, creams, and blues are usually the most popular for this, although you may have to decide whether to go for a darker or lighter blue yourself based on your preferences.  

Get the right mattress.

Next, choosing the right mattress is key to creating a relaxing bedroom space. If you’re not sure where to start, try searching “Sleep Number Bed Alternative 2023” to find some good comparisons. Mattresses are a matter of personal preference, and getting the wrong one can quite literally ruin your life. After all, if you know you will be unable to fall asleep as soon as you hop into bed, it’s unlikely that you will be able to chill out completely.

The critical issue here is the mattress and how firm it is. Although, you do need to remember not to purchase the mattress until you have decided on a bed. Before you do all of this, make sure to check out articles like the sleep Education guide to learn more about the best type of bed and mattress for you! Back sleepers can get away with the softest mattresses as more of the body touches the bed, and so they have a better weight distribution that makes for a relaxing rest.

However, if you are someone that sleeps on your side or stomach, it is worth investing in a firmer mattress because this will provide the necessary resistance needed to support your body through the entire night.

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Choose the furniture.

Once you have a mattress in mind, the next stage is to choose your new furniture. Of course, for the most calming and cohesive ambiance, it’s best to go for furniture suites that coordinate with one another. Such suits usually include wardrobes, nightstands, and a bed frame, and this is the reason why it’s best to wait to purchase your mattress. Otherwise, you run the risk of it not fitting correctly!

Of course, you can have some success with individually chosen pieces as well. In particular metal, Victorian-style bed frames can look good with either heavy vintage look furniture finished in grey or blue, or angular and modern white modular units.

Sort the soft furnishings.

Once you have the furniture in place, it’s time to pick out and install the soft furnishings. This is the part of a room decoration that many people enjoy the most, as they can choose comforters and curtains with exciting textures and patterns to complete their space.

In particular, make sure that any curtains you pick are heavily lined. In fact, blackout curtains are best, because being woken up at 5 am by a shaft of light, on that one day when the kids are sleeping late is not relaxing at all.

Concerning the bedding that will be close to your skin such as the comforter and sheets, be sure to pick the softest fabric possible. High thread count cotton is an excellent choice, while brushed cotton is not only soft but traps in the heat too making you bed a perfect place to snuggle during the winter.

Add accessories and hang family pictures.

Lastly, a room is not complete until you have accessorized it, and mom and dad’s calming space is no exception to this. Of course, you won’t want to include too many knick-knacks as the room can end up looking cluttered which is terrible for relaxation. Instead, choose a few stylish pieces that personalize the room without overwhelming the space. Items such as throw pillows, throws, and jewelry storage solutions are often enough to do this.

Also, why not consider installing other accessories and gadgets that are designed to create a relaxing environment? Things like an aromatherapy diffuser that you can use a night time or relaxing blend in work well. Then there are smart lighting systems that allow you to alter how bright and the color of the lighting in your room is, so you can create the perfect mood for chilling out. You may even want to consider installing a sleep machine that plays white noise, or one that creates rhythms that lull your mind into a relaxed state?

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Of course, you won’t want to forget to hang a few choices, framed photos of the family either, even if you mainly use the room as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of being a parent.


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