8 Shower Upgrades You Should Try Right Now


Showers don’t get as much airtime as baths, but they can be just as relaxing. Get the temperature right on a cold winter’s morning and mix in the right set of fragrances, and you can set yourself up for one heck of an experience.

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay nearly enough attention to their showers. And that’s a shame. After all, you and your family use the shower every day, not once a week or month, like the bath. 

This post is here to help. We take a look at some popular shower upgrades to make the experience even more enjoyable. Here’s what you need to know. 

Install Waterproof Speakers

Showers delight all the senses except, perhaps, the ears. You can leave a Bluetooth speaker blaring out your favorite tunes outside, but it’s just not the same. 

That’s where waterproof speakers really come in handy. These actually insert behind the walls in your shower and have speaking speaker shrouds that can safely pipe your favorite tunes directly into your shower cubicle. 

Waterproof speakers are relatively easy to install with professional help. And once they’re in place, they should last indefinitely. 

Wall TV

On a similar theme, you could also add a wall TV to your shower cubicle. Thus, instead of having plain old tiles, you could watch your favorite YouTube videos while rinsing your body. 

Wall TVs aren’t as exotic as you might think. Thanks to demand from swanky hotels, a number of manufacturers now make waterproof varieties for the bathroom available for the home. 

Heated Mirrors

Nothing is more annoying than hopping out of the shower, only to find your cold mirror frosted up with condensation. Every morning you have to wipe it, just to see your own reflection. It’s a ridiculous ritual and it undermines the whole point of having a mirror in your bathroom in the first place. You should be able to see yourself. 

That’s where heated mirrors come in handy. They accept that bathrooms are condensation-prone spaces, so they keep your mirrors heated all the time. This way, if you decide to have a shower on a cold morning, you can step out and still see your reflection. 

Improve Your Sealing

Seals around shower units take a hammering over the years. The constant moisture exposure mixed with the chemicals in most wash products means that they wind up looking old before their time. It’s not ideal. 

Fortunately, there are products on the market, such as RIW Toughseal, that protect your investment. These create a thick barrier between your shower units and the surrounding material, ensuring that you prevent damage to materials susceptible to water damage, particularly wood. 

Shower Panels

Tiles are the go-to wall covering of choice for showers. But panels are becoming increasingly popular, too. These are made of vinyl (which is an ideal material for the bathroom). But they also come in large sizes, which means that installing them is far less labor-intensive than you might imagine. Plus, because they are so big, you can create brand-new aesthetics in your bathroom that are unavailable with conventional tiles. 

Luxury Shower Heads

Rain showers are a bit of a disappointment for most people. That’s because they rely entirely on the force of gravity. There’s no additional pressure. 

But luxury shower heads are different. They do operate under pressure. And water forces out their nozzles at far higher speeds. This way, you feel more like you’re in a jacuzzi. 



Adding greenery to the bathroom seems impossible but it’s actually pretty easy, particularly if you’re lucky enough to have skylights. The way it works is pretty simple: find a shrub that thrives in low-light, high-moisture environments and place it as close to a natural light source as possible. Then feed and water it as needed. 

When you add greenery to the bathroom, it changes the atmosphere completely. You feel like you’re stepping into a kind of paradise. It’s a wonderful experience that you should try as soon as you can. 

Add Some Textiles

Obviously, you won’t want to put textiles directly inside your shower unit, but adding them to a shower room makes it feel cozier, more inviting and welcoming. It’s a massive upgrade compared to tiles alone.

Perhaps the easiest place to add textiles is your shower curtain. You can also add various stools, baskets and throws if you have enough space under or on top of your vanity. Keep experimenting with texture accents until you find something that really works. It requires a little trial and error.


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