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6 Must Read Tips To Prepare For Black Friday

It’s still hard to believe that the holidays are almost upon us… again. This year has flown by. If you by chance are planning to hit the stores up this year on Black Friday for super awesome deals, read on for some useful tips to help you save time and money (and your sanity too!).

Write Out A List

This is one thing I make sure to do every year regardless of whether I chose to partake in the Black Friday sales. If need be, write the names of those you plan on buying for and what particular items you’d like to find deals on. Going in without a list is like shooting yourself in the foot. You could end up forgetting something and you’ll kick yourself for it later on. So write out that list!

Make A Plan

With so many stores having awesome deals, you want to make sure you try to go for the best deals possible. Just make sure you don’t throw all your eggs into one basket. What Walmart doesn’t have, Target may have or vice versa. Whatever plan you decide to create, stick to it. Seasoned Black Friday shoppers know that it’s best to go in with a game plan. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending money you really don’t have on products you really don’t need.

Set A Budget

Speaking of money, this is probably the most important tip I can provide. SET A BUDGET. Do not deter away from it. It’s important to be responsible with your spending, so create a budget and hold to it. If need be, write down everyone you need to buy for and a particular budget you’d like to spend for each.

View The Ads

Before you know it, the Black Friday ads will be rolling in the mail. You may even be able to find ad leaks online. When you receive all of them, decide which items are your must-haves first and then make a prioritized list of those stores that you want to shop, including their Black Friday opening times AND locations. To prevent store-hopping, compare specific items at each store. Some items might be priced similar or even lower, but they may not be on the front page of the ad.

Shop With A Friend (Or Family Member)

If the plan of attack is to hit up multiple stores, going into Black Friday with a small group or team may be your best bet. You can split up and snag everything each of you are hoping to buy up in one fell swoop. Plus, shopping with friends makes it’s even more fun, right?

Shop Online Instead

In recent years, several stores have offered up deals online. While the website may seem overloaded when the sales first go live, you can still make out like a bandit. Plus no having to deal with other people or risk getting trampled on or hurt in any way. With online shopping, you can also use sites like Slickdeals to help you save even more money. They offer up the best promo codes, coupons, and discount codes.


After a very frightening event that happened to me one year while working at one of the major retailers, I am happy that the online option exists now. I avoid the stores the day of at all costs. Just keep in mind that no deal is worth hurting someone else over. I hope these tips help you with your Black Friday shopping journey. Good luck and may you find the best deals possible! 🙂


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