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6 Gift Ideas For The New/Expecting Mom In Your Life from Lovingly Signed

As a mom of two, prior to having each of my girls, I knew the importance of making sure I had every little thing I needed for them and myself too. Thanks to baby showers others were able to help me out somewhat with my “Must Haves for Baby List”. It’s been years since I had my youngest but I happened to come across a super awesome website I think any new mom/expecting mom would like to receive gifts from. It’s called Lovingly Signed. I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite items from their website and why I think they are important to have in your babies wardrobe/things.

Hospital To Home Set

This set is absolutely gorgeous. You get a Pink Bunny and Pink Bunny Comforter for baby. While I may be a mom of girls, don’t worry. It comes in other colors as well: baby pink, bright pink and silver grey. What better gift than giving a mom the ability to wrap baby up all snuggly in an all year round, breathable 100% cotton blanket with a matching pink bunny that is equally as snuggly? 🙂 You also have the option to personalize this gift and it comes with a gift box as well.

Another super adorable gift would be this Fuddlewuddle Unicorn and Blanket Gift Set. Where was this when I was expecting my second?!  She loves EVERYTHING unicorns.

Personalized Bandana Bib Set

Babies and kids make messes. That is a fact! No way of ever getting around this one. If you know of a mom who is stylish and wants her baby to be as well, consider this super adorable bandana bib. You can even personalize it with baby’s name. There are many color options available, so be sure to check them all out.

Strawberry Dress Ragdoll With Apron

This one is way too cute to not post in this list. I had to! This ragdoll makes the perfect gift for any newborn or little girl. This is something that could eventually become a family heirloom. It’s considered a soft toy and is made from 100% cotton outer and hollow fiber filling. No need to worry about the little one hurting herself. 😉

Storage Toy Bag

Kids have toys. Sometimes too many of them. What better way to spruce up the nursery or their rooms than with a super cute toy bin/bag? Many color options to choose from. It is not only practical and safe with no sharp edges and with extra padding, but it also looks stylish in your little one’s playroom.  For your convenience, the toy bag has soft fabric handles which are perfect for any independent little one or adult, in assisting them to move the toy bag around the room.

Congratulations Cards

While some may scoff at the idea of receiving just a card at a baby shower, believe it or not, a card can go a long way. You have the option to stick a gift card to a well-known baby store inside, write a story about one of your experiences as a mom if you are one or advice that your mom may have passed on to you. There are many options here.


Lovingly Signed offers many other products for baby. While I may have compiled a small list here of my own personal favorites, I hope it helps those of you reading in finding a gift for the expecting/new mom in your life.

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