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5 Tips For Staying Healthy As A Busy Mom

We all lead busy lives, parents, or not, and can all find it hard to stay well, especially in the winter time. But as a busy mom, being around children that can seem like breeding grounds for germs, as well as being mentally and physically exhausted on the daily, can be hard. Taking time for yourself, as well as being there for your children and the other responsibilities that you have can take its toll. Being able to stay healthy means more than just going to the gym a few times a week. It needs a commitment, hard work, and dedication to see you through. So if you feel like you’re never quite yourself and are always fighting off bugs and germs, here are some things that you could try.


Be Well-Rested

I know, right, with children, this can be much easier said than done. But you need a regular bedtime routine just as the children do. Sleep plays a massive part in your overall health, so it is important to take it seriously. You may get woken in the night, but if you are maximizing the sleep that you do get, then it is better for you.

Get The Whole Family Active

If you want to get fitter and be healthier, then including the whole family is a must. When everyone at home is on board, it makes things much easier. You can decide that you’ll all take walks or go to the park together. You might throw out the processed foods and stick to having meals at specific times, all sat together. When you can motivate each other it means you’re much more likely to stick to the changes.

Make Time For Yourself

Even if it is a half an hour before you go to bed, to read a book or go on your social media, it is time for you. Do something that you enjoy and that can help you to relax. A happy mommy means a happy home! So don’t underestimate the importance of it. You could try something like meditation too; it all helps.

Try an Alternative Therapy

Trying something different like a massage, reflexology or reiki could be something that could be a real treat for you. You just need something that will allow you time to yourself, as well as something that can help to relieve stress. You can do things at home too, like stretching and yoga, to help you to relax and relieve the tension in your body that can happen when you’re running around after small children. You could get yourself a foam roller like the ones at My Foam Rollers, for example, to give yourself a little TLC at home. Just choose something that you like and make it a regular part of your week.

Cut The Sugar

We can often feel that we need plenty of sugar to keep ourselves awake and to get through the day. But the reality is it can leave us feeling worse, as the energy surge quickly turns into an energy slump. So reduce your sugar intake and you should feel healthier and happier.

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  1. shelly peterson
    December 3, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Being healthy is so important. I know we usually put ourselves last. Thanks for the tips.

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