5 Things That Could Be Ramping Up The Cost Of Your Heating Bill


During the winter months as the temperature begins to drop and the number of daylight hours dwindles we can all expect to see a little rise in the cost of our heating bills, but staying warm in the winter months shouldn’t be costing you the earth, and if it is, then there could be an underlying cause. If you think that your winter heating bills are exponentially high then take a look at theses five things that could be underlying the cause.

Check your windows

Do you know if your windows are double glazed? Single glazed windows can lose a lot of heat and are very energy inefficient, to feel the benefits of double glazing without the price tag of a full window re-fit, consider installing secondary glazing panels over your windows. Old or ill-fitting windows can also leave your home vulnerable to cold drafts which will have you reaching for the thermostat. Take a walk around your home and check to make sure that all of your windows are shut and then run your hands around their edges to see if you can feel any cold air getting through. If you find a gap then fill it with draft excluding tape or consider having your windows replaced. 

Check your front door

It’s not only the windows of your home that may be letting in cold air but your doors could be too. Over time the seals on doors weaken, leaving a gap for cold air to make its way through. You can stop cold air from finding its way under your door by simply using a draft excluding pillow and to stop it from entering through poorly fitted seals consider replacing them or sealing up the gaps with a silicone gun.

Check your roof

When was the last time you looked at your roof? The roof of your home protects you from the wind, rain, snow, sleet and every other extreme weather condition that mother nature can throw at you which means that sometimes it may need a little TLC. Missing roof tiles can allow water to get in, causing leaks, and may also allow all the lovely hot air that you have created to escape. If you think that you may have some roofing issues then have them seen to by a professional such as https://www.spahnandrose.com/roofing/

Check your fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home then it may be responsible for cooling your home down rather than heating it up. When your fire is not lit the piece of metal installed into your chimney which acts as a draft excluder cools down to the outside temperature and can suck heat out of a warm room. To stop this from happening, try insulating your draft excluder.  

Check your insulation

Better insulation can not only increase the value of your home but it can save you a ton of money too, by trapping all of the hot air that you have created inside your home rather than allowing it to escape out into the atmosphere. Consider having more insulation installed into your loft and walls, although it is an investment it is one that will pay you back in the long run. 


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