Improving Your Home’s Value Inside And Out


We are so much about curb appeal and how it can impact our home. When we try to sell a home or we are looking to make it a bit more habitable, improving our home’s value is not just a way for us to create a beautiful property. It becomes an investment that, when it is time to move out or pass it on to the next generation, we know the place is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. How can you improve your home’s value through specific internal and external changes?

Transform Your Backyard

A garden is a highly desirable commodity. Many homes, especially in built-up city areas, do not have the luxury of a garden. And now, if you are looking to make significant changes to your backyard, you could alter the aesthetics, install a shed or dwelling, but you could also convert an existing building in the backyard into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). ADUs are permissible in California and can help you to build long-term equity by renting out the dwelling. You don’t need to keep it forever, but if you decide to become a landlord and rent this out to tenants, after a few years you may turn the dwelling into an extra room. Either way, you are going to transform your garden! You could also use this ADU as a springboard to make the backyard a more luxurious part of the property. By installing a swimming pool, or possibly a home gym, this makes your property truly multi-purpose.

Extending The Kitchen

Adding a side return extension, which is a narrow extension that can run adjacent to the kitchen, can gain additional space, improve the layout, as well as add value to the property. When considering this approach, you have to remember that you could lose windows. And if this has a direct impact on the amount of light going into the property, you could install roof lights over the extension. Extending the kitchen is something many people would like to do. And from the perspective of making a profit, and the kitchen is the hub of the home, installing a breakfast bar, finding out ways to make more space in the kitchen, and turn it into a more sociable area can make it the most important room in the house, even more so than the living room!

Installing A New Bathroom

Those houses that have one bathroom between all the residents, it can be a very frustrating thing. Getting a new bathroom can be a considerable expense. Because the piping will need to be altered, this can seem like a lot of money upfront. But if you make massive alterations to your existing bathroom, especially by ripping out the bath and replacing it with a multi-purpose jacuzzi or shower, it will save you more money in the long run.


Increasing your home’s value is a lot to do with your aesthetics, especially when selling up, but remember that the internal components have a big impact as well. 


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