5 Family Bathroom Design Ideas That Work

As one of the busiest areas in the home, family bathrooms need to be fun and stylish, but most of all, be practical and serve the purpose of being a family bathroom. One of the keys to getting to all work for you is to invest time and research into some smart bathroom ideas that are going to work for you and make it a nice place to be. Ensuites are something that can be a spa-like pamper zone, as the children don’t use it. But the family bathroom needs to cater to teenagers and toddlers alike, so think about all things easy to clean, durable, and accessible. Not to mention some storage thrown in there as well. Here are some design ideas to help you to create the perfect family bathroom.


Double vanities

If you have space, then choosing double vanity units with two sinks can be so helpful. Make sure that the faucets are easy for children to use, otherwise, they just won’t (or will leave them running). Double vanity units also allow a lot of storage space underneath, which is great for hiding away a multitude of things.

Easy clean surfaces

Life with a family is busy, but it will be even busier when you add excessive cleaning. So choose to use materials in the bathroom that will be easy to clean and don’t need a lot of upkeep. Tiles are a great material to use, and it means that things like water splashing on the wall, or hair spray, makeup, or toothpaste, can all be easily washed away. 

Water heater

When you have a family bathroom, it can get used at all times of the day, depending on your family situation. From early-rising little ones to late-arriving teens and sick children in the night, the bathroom can be used at different times of the day. As such, it could be a good idea to look for the best electric heater for your shower, so that the water can heat on demand, rather than being on at set times throughout the day. Always going to be helpful when you’ve got a toddler that needs to go in the shower in the middle of the night after an explosion!

Use baskets

Baskets can not only look good, but they are really practical too. Having a basket handy in the bathroom for dirty laundry looks good, but of course, serves a practical function. Using baskets in the different storage areas of the room is a good idea too, to organize things from hair ties to wipes, and towels.

Use mirrors

The bathroom can be a high-traffic space, and if you have more than one child using it, then problems can occur. So having plenty of space for them is a must, as well as plenty of mirrors to use. It not only serves the function of more than one person using the room at once, but it also means that the room can look bigger too, as mirrors are great for creating an illusion of space.


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