Build vs Buy: Why You Should Build Your New Home

There is something so exciting about getting a new home for the family. Whether you are choosing to view new homes or you are looking for old ones, you should consider your options for building a house. There are plenty of existing houses ready to be toured by the whole family, but a brand new home could give you your first roots in a new area.

Building your home from the ground up can be the new exciting thing that you do with your future. Buying a new house is a big deal, but building a house? That’s one of the biggest adventures you could have in your life. Choosing a plot in a place that matters to you and your family is essential, but choosing companies like Mountain Town Homes as the builder in which you trust your build is going to be a brilliant choice. You can select a building package that appeals to you and get things started with your new home. You’ll need to consider lots of other things too, like how you’re going to dispose of any waste materials. The likelihood is you’ll need to look for a local skip hire company to ensure you find the best deal, helping you to keep costs down! So, let’s check out five reasons you should choose to build rather than buy.  


You Choose The Location

When you build your new home, it’s your choice where you want to make it. It’s the most significant positive of building your own home: you choose where you want it to go, and you can’t do that with a built home. If you decide to build a house, your location choice will be directly impacted by your work and your community needs. This allows you to get your dream home!

The Floorplan You Want

It’s the most fun part of building a home: the design. You get to choose the floor plan and work out where all the rooms are going to go. If you want a customized kitchen or a walk-in pantry, you can have one. Home and land packages often differ, so find the one that suits you the most and then expand on it! If you want a pool, you can build one in with the right permissions!

The Right Builder

Choosing the right builder is a big part of the package and building a house lets you be picky about the building company you choose, too. The right builder will walk you through the process of building your home. You can choose one who will honor your design and let you choose the way things are going to go. Being careful when picking a builder is highly important as they will be doing something enormous and time-consuming, which means you will have them in your lives for a while. So whether you are thinking of going for new homes by John Henry Homes or by picking a local builder, you must do your research first.

It’s In The Details

The best bit of building your own home is the detail you get to include. You can ensure that you choose the hardware, the paint, the tiles, and all the flooring for each of the rooms. You can make your personality shine through and give yourself a unique living space.

Future Planning

You don’t have to have children right this second to choose what you want for your home. You can build as many bedrooms as you please for your new home. One day, you’d be able to expand upon it and add further bedrooms should you want to!


Building your own home is going to be an adventure, so make sure you map out exactly what you want and make your dream home come to life!


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