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5 Alternative Everyday CBD Oil Stress Relief Options

It seems that we are wired for stress these days. There are so many different pressures in life that contribute to an overall feeling of unease. When we are looking for coping methods, we tend to go for the usual suspects, walking, exercise, or socializing. If these aren’t doing the trick, what alternative methods can be done to relieve you of the stresses of everyday life?

Check out these 5 alternative stress relief methods below:

Ayurvedic Medicine

The practice of Ayurveda is about aligning the mind and body and providing freedom from illness. You can practice it yourself by implementing mindfulness into your life, by meditation, but there are also abundant treatment packages you can find in many health and wellness centers. It’s a very unique approach to health but has many fantastic health benefits, not just a feeling of relaxation in yourself, but you will also get a good night’s sleep! And as a parent, this is, undoubtedly, top of the wish list.

CBD Oils

Every single one of us suffers from either anxiety, stress or both.  There are countless worries and stressors, such as jobs, bills, school, parenting, and traffic, just to name a few. As a wife and mom of two, I know all too well the negative side effects both can have on a person. One of the most popular uses for CBD oil is for relieving anxiety and stress. There are natural compounds found in cannabis oil which are effective for relaxing the mind, reducing stress and inducing a sense of calm. Choose between CBD capsules or CBD Turmeric Oil Capsules.


Before your mind goes to the fact that needles are being stuck in you, acupuncture and acupressure have been practiced for thousands of years. The idea behind it is that your body conducts electricity, and when you aren’t feeling well, or stressed, these channels are blocked, which is where a specialist comes in and puts needles in specific parts of your body to help release the flow. Positive side effects include improved blood circulation, a release of toxins, and an overall feeling of positivity. If you don’t like the idea of needles, acupressure involves applying finger pressure instead.

Adding Kava To Your Diet

Kava has been shown to treat anxiety, and this crop, from the root of Piper methysticum, has been added to drinks for centuries for ceremonial purposes. You can purchase kava in capsule form from most health shops, and it’s been shown that one or two doses have produced significant results in a couple of days if you take this calming anxiety. On a regular basis, you can see a great improvement in your anxiety within the space of a month.

Transcendental Meditation

Not to be confused with mindfulness or meditation, but they are all derived from the same practice. Transcendental meditation is something you can go on a course to learn and can be quite costly, most famously, The Beatles popularized it back in the 60s, and they weren’t lacking in money at the time! But meditation in any form is a worthwhile pursuit. Understanding your place in the world, or just using the techniques to calm your mind down and to stop that internal chatter will help you to focus, remain calm consistently, and reduce your blood pressure. Any form of meditation or mindfulness is beneficial, even if you think you aren’t doing it right. Spend some time every morning and every evening, for about 10 to 20 minutes, and see how it affects you after a couple of weeks.

We all need to find a way to cope with stress because if you don’t, the pressures of life will overwhelm you. Try to understand your own personal triggers and what makes you tick. Avoid as many stressors as you possibly can. If not, find a method in the list above that works for you. This list is just a small portion of the stress relief methods that exist. Consider these five options as an alternative method of calming yourself down. And remember: Keep calm and carry on!


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