4 Ways To Keep Your Workplace Clean During COVID-19


Whether you work from a home office or in a large workplace filled with colleagues, workspace cleanliness should be a top priority in 2021. Just ask Max Gorin. Coronavirus has revolutionized the way we work in myriad ways: from social distancing to Zoom meetings, to mask-wearing in the workplace. Health and safety measures have had to be increased and enforced even more strictly than before, and employees may even be encouraged to go for regular covid testing to make sure that they are keeping themselves, their families, and the workplace, as safe as possible.

Keeping a business space clean and tidy has always been important, but now it could be the difference between contracting coronavirus and staying safe. Here are three key ways to keep your workplace clean during COVID-19.

Cleaning Little But Often

Deep-cleaning is a worthwhile activity, but when it comes to continued hygiene, cleaning little and often is the best way to achieve this. If you have a desk space, either in the office or at home, spraying and wiping it a few times per day can help kill any virus particles that have found their way there. Similarly, if you use a device such as a computer or a phone, wiping down the touch-points of this device a few times per day is helpful.

This is also a very achievable way of cleaning for a busy professional. A quick clean of 30 seconds, a few times per day, add up only to a couple of minutes of cleaning time overall.

Wear A Face Mask

You can help protect coworkers and stop the spread and still look fashionable thanks to Rave Face Masks. They have something for everyone and a face mask to go with any type of outfit. Right now they have a goal to donate 200,000 masks to first responders and front-line workers and they are so close to reaching it. Definitely check them out!

Improving Bathroom Hygiene

One place where colleagues are likely to meet and potentially spread the virus is in the bathroom. Bathrooms are a place that everyone will inevitably visit multiple times per day while they are at work, meaning that anyone who has coronavirus without knowing it will go there. Workplace bathrooms need to be kept super clean in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Here are a few ways to achieve this!

  • Install automatic urinal flushers.
  • Employ extra cleaning staff who work throughout the day to keep bathrooms clean.
  • Encourage 20-second hand washing for all bathroom users.
  • Encourage social distancing in common areas, such as at sinks or hand dryers.
  • Enforce a mask rule in the bathrooms.

These might seem like hyper-strict measures but are absolutely necessary for the time being in order to keep everybody safe at work.

Tidying For A Fresh Mind

Not only can tidying and cleaning prevent the spread of coronavirus, but it can also help your mental health. COVID-19 has produced so many challenges for our society, and one of the main obstacles people are facing is their mental well-being. Being stuck indoors and being restricted in our social contact has taken its toll on everyone.

Cleaning your workspace regularly and keeping it tidy can help you keep a clear mind and a fresh mindset. Knowing your desk and space is clean and Covid-free can help you feel more relaxed at work, while a tidy, clutter-free space can keep you focused on work.


If you are struggling to keep your workplace clean and tidy during the pandemic, use this helpful guide to kick your cleaning routine to the next level.


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