4 Tips To Make Your Garden Feel More Private

When it comes to your garden, depending on where it sits, it might have plenty of coverage or it might be open to the rest of the surrounding area with very little privacy. It’s important that you have that private space not only inside your home but outside too. So with that being said, here are four tips to make your garden feel more private.


Install Fencing

Firstly, it’s important to think about fencing. This is a permanent fixture that can border the entirety of your home and ultimately keep anything and everything out. It’s not the same as hedges because animals and other unwanted guests might be easily able to get in. However, with fencing, you’ve got complete privacy and an extra layer of security before you reach your actual property. It can be a great way of adding structure to your garden but to also give you and your household some much-needed privacy when you’re out in the garden trying to relax, or whilst entertaining guests.

When getting a fence installation, go for something that is high enough and will be as structurally secure as possible. The higher the quality, the better!

Plant Trees & High Growing Shrubs

Planting the right trees and shrubs will also be worth doing when it comes to adding more privacy. Think about those trees that you can plant and that will outgrow your existing fencing or perhaps give it that extra bit of security and coverage. It’s a really great way of shielding your home from the view of other properties that might look over it.

If you can do, it’s definitely worth planting these earlier on in order to make sure they grow at a fairly decent amount by the time you go out in the summer to enjoy the weather.

Make An Out House

An outhouse is a great way of adding some shelter when you want to enjoy the outdoors without having to be watched by gawping neighbors. An outhouse could be a lounge area or it could be a dining space where you can have dinner out in the open, whilst having the shade of the outhouse’s roof. You may want to make this a sizeable option that can also double up as an extra bedroom space for when you have guests to stay. They can be costly but something that’s ideal to have.

Position Lounging Areas Strategically

Lounging areas need to be placed strategically although most will likely be dictated on where the sun hits your garden space. Try to position these lounging spaces like a decking or hot tub for example, in places where it’s mostly covered from view. It will make you feel a lot more comfortable and gives you that privacy that you’re after when chilling out in your outdoor space.

Making your garden feel more private is important so use these tips to make sure you do that effectively. Your outdoor space should be something that can be enjoyed in private.


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